Never Let Go

She was just a normal girl. Until a boy came into her life and changed it forever.

Meet Elena. A typical teenage cheerleader. Living a complete normal life.
But along the way she discovers dangerous secrets about her friends and her life that will put her in extreme danger. She will continue to live her life under pressure knowing that she is the one who will help everyone survive.

Will she crack under the pressure? Or will she survive the journey?

Phoebe. A creature from the past. Trying to start a new life to escape the bad memories. But when the new boy arrives, everything starts to unroll once more.
Will she fight to the finish? Will she finally get her revenge? Or will she run?

Read on to find out everything...............


1. The New Boy


Chapter one-The New Boy


Narrators POV

"Hey!" Elena cried as she saw her friends for the first time in the year.  "Elena!" Bonnie smiled hugging her best friend. All best friends-Elena, Bonnie, Caroline, and Phoebe. 

"I can't believe school has started again!" Phoebe said getting hugs from her friends.     Everyone giggled. Then Caroline noticed something. "Ooh. Sexy" She said loudly to herself. They all looked at where Caroline was staring at. 

There was a boy with sunglasses on at the reception desk. "Is he new?" Elena asked, her eyes glued on him. 

"Looks like it!" Bonnie chuckled. Phoebe groaned as the bell rang.  "What class are we taking?" She asked the others.  "History" Elena sighed. 

---------------In History Class-----------------

“Today we will be studying for a test. I want each of you to pay attention or you will fail. It’s not my fault if you don’t get a job in later life. Read these books and study.” Mr Tanner said harshly, handing out thick books and returning to his desk.  Caroline groaned quietly.

Suddenly the boy, who the girls saw by the reception desk, came into the class handing a slip to the teacher.  Mr Tanner examined it for quite a while and looked up at him.

“Sit there” He said, his words not welcoming at all. The boy went to the seat, Mr Tanner was pointing at -- the seat behind Elena on her right hand side. He laid his bag down beside him, his hands on his desk examining the book.

Elena looked back taking a glance at him, in the exact moment he glanced at her! Bonnie was smiling at him and Caroline texting Elena about how hot he was. Luckily, her phone was on silent.  Phoebe was just staring blankly at him. She looked away, flicking her hair about.  The boy just seemed to have his mind on Elena.  

Elena couldn’t wait to get out of class and meet him.

-----------After Class------------

Elena grouped up with the girls by her locker. “Who do you think will have a shot with him?” Bonnie asked.  Caroline had a big smile plastered on her face.  “Possibly Elena” She whispered loudly.  “Really? Do you think I could?” Elena said with excitement echoing in her voice. Everyone laughed.  

“I think all of you will have a chance with him” Phoebe said.  “You will too” Bonnie said. 

“Nope, not me. I don’t want to be involved with anyone right now.” She responded with a slight smile.

Just then the boy walked past to his locker, across Elena’s.  “Well, there is your chance Elena” Caroline encouraged, showing them the boy across Elena. Phoebe’s smile slowly faded.

“What’s wrong?” Elena asked.  Phoebe looked at her, her smile slowly regenerating. “Nothing, I’m fine, what are you talking about?”  She said with hesitation.

“Well, we need to find information about him, like his name or what he likes and stuff.” Bonnie said.

“His name is Stefan” Phoebe chopped in. “How do you know?”  Caroline asked.

“I-err, um…read…. read the slip on Mr Tanner’s desk, yeah, I read that slip.” She said with hesitation.  “wait I can get more information.” She said walking up to ‘Stefan’.

“No!” Elena whisper shouted. But she had already got his attention.

Phoebe’s POV

“Well, hello Mr Salvatore” I said. Stefan turned around to see me. His shocked face made me chuckle. Priceless.  I leaned on the locker next to his with a small smirk on my face.

“Phoebe” He said.  “What are you doing here?”    “Oh, I never left, Stefan. The real question is-Why did you come back? Wasn’t living with Katherine enough for you?” I bombed him.

He gave me a slight glare. I chuckled. “Just smile and wave to the girls, Stefan.” I said pointed to the girls as he waved to them. I noticed he was just looking at Elena.

“Similar resemblance, isn’t it?” I pointed out.  He looked back at me with no expression. “yes the features of Katherine-Petrova Doppelganger. She might be her descendant. Oh, I heard about Katherine. What bad news” I said sarcastically.

“She died” Stefan said looking at his feet. “Oh he talks!” I joked.

“If you are going to kill me just do it now.” He said.  “Now why would I do that? I only want your brother.” I responded.

“Damon. I haven’t seen him for 50 years. Since Katherine died” He said dryly.

“Funny, because that was around the same time Klaus started looking for me.”

Stefan’s eyes widened.   I shook it off. ”Anyway, Just meet the girls at the Mystic grill tonight at 6. They are dying to meet you.


Caroline’s POV

“Well, what did you find out?” I asked anxiously for an answer.

“His name is Stefan Salvatore.” Phoebe said

“That’s all you got? After that long talk?” Bonnie asked worryingly.   “Well, we will meet him at the mystic grill tonight if you want to go…” Phoebe trailed off.

We all squealed in excitement as Phoebe blocked her ears. 

"Guys, don't we have cheer practise?" Bonnie asked.

"Shit we're gonna be late" Elena cursed as we rushed off.

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