This story is about a girl named Alexis who moves to America because her dad got a job their and so they are going to move. 2 years before, her bff Lilly was going to move and they never really stayed in touch till they soon find out their neighbors. Alexis also meets a British boy named Harry and soon they both fall in love while another boy called Daly falls in love with Alexis.


2. A new Home

As i drive off i let a couple of tears escape my eyes. When i was home i ran upstairs and cried myself to sleep. i hated this!!!!. 

*Next day* 

I start to pack all my things including tops, shorts, leggins, bras, underwear ect. I dont even know how hot or cold it is. "sweetie are you done?" mum says. "yeh im done". i say as i put some of my shoes in. I pick my sit case up and say goodbye to my room. i walk out and go to the front door. i smell the cold fresh air as it hits my face. i sigh and go into the car as my mum and dad where already in their. Off we go to the airport ! -_-

*18-20 hours later*

I wake up with all sun in my eyes. I quickly cover them and get up stretching to only see a few people in the airplane. "Oh yes thank god were here!" i say heading outside for air. I run and feel hot air smash into my face as i inhale it. "come on mum and dad!" i say excited for some reason. "were coming" they say. i grab my suitcase and look left and right. *whistle sound* "TAXIII" I see a taxi stop and i go straight in while my parents come behind me. We started to drive and i see all the amazing views and streets there were. it was wonderful they had so many events happening. "here we are" mum says. "Is that our house?!" i say shocked. "yep all brand new" father says. It was a double story house which was very big and look real classy. I go in and jump around screaming in happiness. "YESSSSS AHHHHHH I LOVE ITT!" I say running up to my room. "Omg" i say under my breath. A double sized king bed. Yes! fuck yessss. I've all ways wanted a king bed. i run back down stairs discovering the whole house. "OMG mum dad!, this is amazing!" They laugh but get cut off by the door bell. "Ill get it!" i say. I open the door and.. and i see this hot as guy who looked about my age, had dark brown curly hair, and had a lot of muscle. "Uhh-h h-i" is say nervous. "Hey my name's Harry" he says with his pure white straight teeth. Omg his voice is amazing, its so cute and British. "Oh well my name is Alexis" i say feeling hot redness coming from my cheeks."Oh, umm here you go" he hands me over a box of chocolates and its says on the front " Welcome :)" It was so cute. "AWW thanks thats so nice of you!" "Haha its ok, and u-hh i live just in front of your house if you need me" "Oh yeh sure thanks!" i say happily. "Bye" "Cya" i say back. Omg what a hotty yo. I place the box of chocs on the bench and head out to explore the neighborhood until i hear the door bell ring. Is it Harry again? idk just to make sure i shall fix my hair lol. I open the door and I FREEZE IN SHOCK OMG IS THIS REAL?????????????? It was Lilly. "Lilly??!" i had a perfect ";O" shape on my mouth. "Alexis?!" she says shocked. "OMG!" we say at the same time. She drops the "Welcome card" and we embrace each other while we had a smile across our faces. We let go of each other. "wh--at are you doing here??!" i say. "What a-re YOU doing here??!" she says touching my body to see if this was real or not. "My dad got a job here so we moved!. "Omg i cant believe this is you!" "IKR!" she says. "MUM DAD LILLY IS HERE!" they come running down. "Omg Lilly what are you doing here" mum says. " I could ask the same thing to you miss" she says laughing which made all of us laughing. "mum can i go hang out with lilly for a while?" "of course you can sweetie" mum and dad say. Me and Lilly head out and i greet her family. When I finished greeting her family we headed out tot he park. "SOOO met any hotties ay?? wink wink" she says joking around. "Well their is the one guy, i just met a few mins ago, his names Harry, hes real sweet" i say boss. "OHH i know him, i see him around with his friends alot" Lilly explained. i smile and we sit on the swings. "Hi Lilly" says a good looking guy. You know not to bad. Alot of girls would probably want him "hey, Daly, this is Alexis, Alexis, this is Daly" "Hi" he says happily. "Hey daly, nice meeting you." i say smiling. And then i see a soccer ball roll to my feet. "Hey Alexis!" I look up to meet a pair of brown eyes looking deep down into my ones. "oh hi Harry!" me, Lilly and Daly say."Uhh soo, u wanna play with us?" he says smiling. "Sure, and whos us?" i say concerned. "oh just me and my two friends, Josh and Samantha". He said in a boss tone. "Alright lets go" we get up and see Josh and Sam (Sam, short for Samantha) playing kick to kick with each other. "Hey guys this is the new girl Alexis" Hazza says. "OHHH i know this one, he's was talking alllll about you just before" The boy whos name was Josh said. "HAVE NOT!" harry says embarrassed. Then i see Sam, giving me a dirty look. she didn't even say hi to me. oh well. i let out a giggle and we start playing soccer. We start playing and then i scored a goal for my team. on my team i had Harry and Dally. On the other team their was Lilly, Sam and Josh. "GOOD AS GOAL ALEXIS!" harry says giving me a high five with both of his hands. we high fived but we didn't let go of each others hands and were just smiling and looking in to each other's eyes. We got a bit more closer. But then Daly comes running out of no were and hugged me forcing me to move away from Harry. "GOOD JOB ALEXIS" he says giving me a cute and Innocent smile. "haha thanks" i say giving him a cute smile in return. I look back to harry to see him  looking at Daly, pissed. Lol. I blush and turn away.


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