This story is about a girl named Alexis who moves to America because her dad got a job their and so they are going to move. 2 years before, her bff Lilly was going to move and they never really stayed in touch till they soon find out their neighbors. Alexis also meets a British boy named Harry and soon they both fall in love while another boy called Daly falls in love with Alexis.


1. Family Issues

Alexis' pov 

"WHERE WHAT?!" i say in anxiousness. "I told you Alexis were moving tomorrow, I've got the best job anyone could die for, we could really use the money" my dad Ben says. "Bu-u-t what about my friends??!" "your gonna have to let them go honey." my mother Mary explained to me. I ran up stairs and started sobbing on my bed. i was curled up in a ball. I decided to text my friends. I made a group chat.

*Group Chat*

Friends: Natalie, Isabella, Georgia and Anna

Me: Hey guys :)

Natalie: ALEXIS !

Isabella: YO HOMIE

Georgia: Heyy!

Anna: Sup

Me: um guys i really need to tell you something.

Natalie: what is it?

(they all questioned me)

Me: um im leaving to go to America tomorrow. My dad got a job that's apparently a job that anyone could die for. im really sorry. ill miss you.

Natalie, Isabella, Georgia and Anna: WTF NO. DHVSIFVNDSFV. AS IF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU JOKING????? OMG.

I started to sob even more. Then i got a call from Natalie. i answered."Alexis babe, are you for real?!" "yeh." i say still crying. she let out a sigh. "Well since your leaving tomorrow, do you wanna hang out with the girls and me?" she asks concerned. "Sure" "k c u at the mall in ten. ill invite the girls" she says hurt. I hang up and go downstairs to see mom and dad talking while drinking their coffee. "Mum dad, im going out with my friends since i only have today." they nod and said to come back by ten. i go out the door. it was only lunchtime so i had a few hours to spend. Im 18 so i have a car. i drive down to the mall to see everyone waiting for me. I smile once they see me and give me a sad look. i get out and hug them all. "Im really gonna miss you" they all said over and over again. "i am to". we ended up buying some clothes and had lunch. it was a fun day, till i had to go. "Uhhhh guys i have to go its already 9:50 pm" "AWW WHY  I DONT WANT YOU TO LEAVEEEEEE" they all said tearing up so i gave them all a hug . i go out and go into my car as i start driving away i toot my horn, wave and give them a sorrowful face. they start to cry as i drive away.

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