Inside the Battle

The year was 1914, Sophia's father was selected to fight into war. Hardship... Struggling to fight her own battle... Will her father return back in time to celebrate family occasions ? Or will she be left alone to fight her personal battles alone ?
Sophia begins writing letters to her father as it is the only contact she was with him. Dealing with the the fact of her Father not with her, she slowly begins to realize the hardship unfolding within her life.
An insight view of father and daughter relationship affected by battle.
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8. Missing in Action

9th of July 1918


Dear Mrs. Johnson,

I am writing to you about your husband, Soldier Ryan Johnson, who was reported Missing in Action by Second Lieutenant Wilson on the 2nd of July 1918.

We received further information of Soldier Ryan Johnson disappearance; records stated he was a crew member of AH-64A Longbow Apache; in 11:35am, on land soldiers reported AH-64A crashing, due to a missile landed on its Turbo shaft Engines (observed when it crashed). Other reports have mentioned the missing of two parachutes, which was on the aircraft, on takeoff.

Mrs. Johnson, I am glad to mention an in depth investigation will be conducted for the search of your husband and the others crew members. We have allies in the enemy territory which will bring us any further information, which we inform you. Any information receive through us, we guarantee that you will be the first one we notify.

It was a pleasure to have known him, brave and strong. We give our greatest sympathy for you and your family.

Sincerely SGT. Pete Smith.

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