Inside the Battle

The year was 1914, Sophia's father was selected to fight into war. Hardship... Struggling to fight her own battle... Will her father return back in time to celebrate family occasions ? Or will she be left alone to fight her personal battles alone ?
Sophia begins writing letters to her father as it is the only contact she was with him. Dealing with the the fact of her Father not with her, she slowly begins to realize the hardship unfolding within her life.
An insight view of father and daughter relationship affected by battle.
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3. Home Sick : Father's Letter

12th of July 1916

My dearest daughter Sophia,

It has been months since, I saw your faces; words can’t express how much I dearly miss you. I feel like I have failed to suit your needs and been there to celebrate with you. When I receive your letter, describing my grandchild, I rejoiced and burst with happiness; however sadness filled my heart as I was unable to celebrate the wonderful news with my family nor enable to witness the birth of my first grandchild.

I dearly miss home. To once again feel the warmth and comfort of a loving family home, to be enabled to eat mothers home cooked cooking, and especially to be with my family, I would trade anything in the world to feel that again. 

The conditions have been dreadful and unspeakable; it is nothing what had been described through the brochures. To see thing which can never been unseen, the dreadful pain, which bear everyday and never seems to disappear; and the constant fear of death. Yesterday, a mate of mine, died in my arms. As I hold him, trying to hold my tears in, as he pressed his hands over his bleeding wounds and sobbed; during that moment, I just couldn’t cough out any comforting words. Remembering his last words, repeating through my head, constantly “I miss my family. I’m too young to die. Promise me you will take care of my children and wife”. I nodded and sobbed with him, comforting him, with his final seconds of his life. Next thing, he became still, lifeless, motionless. Closing his eyes and praying a pray for him, that he will be at peace for eternally. Sophia, I have never seen someone die before, especially in front of me, since then I have wanted my revenge, to seek righteousness for his death. And before I knew it, I killed someone, out of my own personal hatred. Does this make me, the same person that killed my mate?

 Please inform Mrs. Anderson about the news, the death of her husband. Witness what had happened; I am questioning what the future may hold for me and my chances of survival. But please promise me, take care of mother and your brother and be there for them, in times of difficulty that may come.

I’m depressed by the news and trauma of you and your mother, financially; hoping I was there to support you, however felt it was my right and duty to protect our nation. However never seem to place you first. I should’ve placed you and your mothers needs first. Hoping you will forgive me.

I am hearing there are bring new recruits, please don’t allow your brother to enroll as I don’t want him to face burden which I have to bear every day. I can’t express again, on how sorry I am, to constantly fail you, however faced with the conditions and circumstances, is it looking impossible for me to come home by Christmas. As every day I had witness millions of men die before my eyes. My nation needs me. I must serve my country

I dearly miss you.

Forever and always

Love your father.  

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