Inside the Battle

The year was 1914, Sophia's father was selected to fight into war. Hardship... Struggling to fight her own battle... Will her father return back in time to celebrate family occasions ? Or will she be left alone to fight her personal battles alone ?
Sophia begins writing letters to her father as it is the only contact she was with him. Dealing with the the fact of her Father not with her, she slowly begins to realize the hardship unfolding within her life.
An insight view of father and daughter relationship affected by battle.
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5. Feeling the Depression : Father's Letter

23rd of September 1917

Dearest loving Sophia,

There wasn’t a day, where as I wasn’t proud of your generosity towards others. You always tend to people in need, no matter the circumstances. You bring out the happiness and brightness in people when there are in their darkness times. Optimistic. Bright. Helpful. From birth, until now, I have always been proud of you.

I am crying with glee about the birth of my granddaughter, is she healthy? Who does she look like the most? What is her name? I hope you’re safe as well as the baby. Please give her my kisses and hugs, if I don’t return. Scared of the very thought of not seeing her, to hold her, to be there for her and especially spoil her with presents, gives me great sadness.

Today, we escaped, fled for safety and evacuated the area, and to my surprise, we were not noticed. The conditions are unspeakable and horrific in comparison to where we fled from. However the general was deceptive and announced we are moving to ‘safer conditions’. Now, I see thousands, or even millions die before my very eyes, the horrific screams of the soldiers and the constants landing of bombs which ring through my ears. The continuous mud, making impossible to walk on and the lack of sunshine here. Since the war begun, Sophia, I hardly seen the sun appear. I miss the sun warmth and touch. Resembling happiness has disappeared, like the sun, with grey clouds hovering, bringing sadness and grief to all.

To experience near death incidents in front of me.  Releasing poison gas attacks, was unexpected. Leaving millions in the trenches dead.  Trying to attend to anyone I could, however then inhaling the smoke; feeling nothing but pain as the smoke tears through my lungs. Holding onto my dear life and what is it worth. I remember, in that split second, between life and death, seeing images of my life flash before my eye. Then I remember, I promised you that I will return. To be reunited with you again.

 As I fall into the ground, I notice a gas mask. And without hesitation place it on my mouth. To breathe oxygen again, inhaling and exhaling. I think to myself, Sophia, there might be someone watching over me and guiding me through this, telling there is hope through this.  

But I wished I hadn’t. As the things I’ve done. There is no one to blame but me for my actions; I have killed people, Sophia. And no matter what good I do, it always seems to backfire into my face. I will and forever and always have bloodshed hands, which can constantly remain. I never want Liam to experience burden I face.  Be free with innocence. Please do anything to keep Liam from the war, no matter what. I think to myself, why we have war, when innocent people die and others have the burden on their shoulders, as I have. You tell me to see the bright things and place a smile on my face, however it is not as easy, when the people I've kill families are mourning over the death.

Writing this letter, bring danger towards me, however I needed to write; to bring comfort to my loneliness. As I lay here in the trenches, defenseless, I think what the future holds for me. This ‘no man’s land’ out here. No one will win, while others perish to their deaths.

 I hope you, Liam and your mother is always safe. Hope to hear from you soon. Can’t wait to hear about my granddaughter. I guess you, your brother and mother are my piece of happiness I need, when in doubt. You’re the rainbow in my eyes.

Your Father.

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