Inside the Battle

The year was 1914, Sophia's father was selected to fight into war. Hardship... Struggling to fight her own battle... Will her father return back in time to celebrate family occasions ? Or will she be left alone to fight her personal battles alone ?
Sophia begins writing letters to her father as it is the only contact she was with him. Dealing with the the fact of her Father not with her, she slowly begins to realize the hardship unfolding within her life.
An insight view of father and daughter relationship affected by battle.
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2. Far away : Daughter's Letter

24th of March, 1916

Dear father,

Mother and I miss you dearly, words can’t express the loneliness and pain, that mother and I go through each day. You have been gone away for months, and now, I’m being to questioning your arrival back home.  It’s getting worse, with the cost of leaving, but everything is going to get better, eventually, I hope. Good news is that I am expecting a baby girl soon, on the 12th of December 1916. I am hoping that you will be home by then, to see your first grandchild as a newborn. I have spoken to the general and he has informed us, that the troops should be back by Christmas this year, which is good news.

Mum and I have had our difficult times. However its better when you were here, why can’t you come home and be with us. Everyone miss you dearly.  

I hope to hear back from you soon. I wish you the best and hope to see you soon. Mother, Liam and I miss you dearly. We pray every night, to the Lord, that he will keep you safe and that no harm shall come your way.

Keep us in your thoughts and you can overcome this. Just remember what you are doing this for.

Love, forever and always

Your daughter


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