Inside the Battle

The year was 1914, Sophia's father was selected to fight into war. Hardship... Struggling to fight her own battle... Will her father return back in time to celebrate family occasions ? Or will she be left alone to fight her personal battles alone ?
Sophia begins writing letters to her father as it is the only contact she was with him. Dealing with the the fact of her Father not with her, she slowly begins to realize the hardship unfolding within her life.
An insight view of father and daughter relationship affected by battle.
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9. Dear Diary

10th of July 1918

Dear Diary,

I don’t know who to talk to, when the person, I ever was open with, is my father. I miss him dearly, where ever he is, I send my love and hope for finding his way; alive. Hoping the light will guide him. This is my first ever diary entry, I have written. Thinking it will heal my sadness of father’s news, to open my heart through this and express myself; this was the way I would cope. I can’t even talk to my own family about this; feeling constantly abandonment and loneliness, with no one to turn to.

I haven’t even shown mother the letter, as I seen her trying to cope with father not here; like he wasn’t part of our lives anymore, telling her, will only bring more sadness to her heart. Mother seems more lifeless and lost without her soul mate, to comfort her. However trying to be brave and smile for our sake. But we all know she’s hurting inside, me and Liam do our best to help her.

When she wants to be alone, she seeks Genevieve; because she always makes her forget about father. It’s something about a baby’s innocence and purity that people laugh and forget their surroundings, lost with reality.

Sometimes I cry myself to sleep, to just imagine father holding me tight and saying everything will be ok. When I try to move on and face reality, something tells me, why you are happy, when father is struggling for survival, lost or even dead.

Remembering the last time, he was with me; word for word, running through my head. Being under the stars and hearing night sounds filling the empty space.

“You see the stars above; they’re there to protect you. Shining down on you and be there when you feel lost or need a friend. Whenever you miss me and want to talk to me. Look at the stars.” He said. Singing me a song, while I was wrapped in his arms as he strokes my hair.

“Small and innocent

So precious and sweet

Lives greatest hopes

Are in my arms with me”

Remembering, watering filling my eyes, tears running down my face, as I notice what tomorrow will bring. In his voice, you can hear the fear in his tone.  After the first verse, I feel asleep instantly, knowing he will be there, and protecting me, in what may come. But when I woke up, he had left for training. That was the last I had seen him. I wished I had stayed awake to hear the rest of his song.

 I have no idea how to move on, when everything I see reminds me of him.

Why can’t you be here, is that too much to ask for?




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