Me or him?!

I'm Ashley and Im 18 I'm just a normal girl working her way to earn money, and I work at a bowling alley. I know I know "a bowling alley!" Is probably what you're thinking but when one of the best things in my life happened in a bowling alley.


2. the date

(zayn's pov)

take was the day i was going to take ashley on a date! last night at the bowling alley i got ashley's number so i texted her and said

'morning beautiful :)'

'morning (:'

'ready for our date (; xx'

'wait we have a date today?!'

'haha very funny :) '

'haha (; '

'well i'll pick you up around one or two. okay?'

'okay sounds good to me'

'okay see you later bye xx'

'bye (; xx'

its only eleven, i wish it was already time for me and ashley's date.

(one thirty)

(ashley's pov)

i was so excited for me and zayn's date. i was kind of nervous though too. i knew zayn really liked me but i know it sounds slutty of me but i had a crush on zayn and liam. i know i shouldn't feel these feelings for both of them, but they both had really good personalities and not that the other boys didn't but, zayn and liam's personalities stood out the most. liam was so kind and gentle, zayn was so sweet and cocky. they were both so good looking and fit and i just couldn't pick one of them. i need to get to know them better and thats why im going on this date with zayn because i want to get to know him better.

(zayn's pov)

'hey ashley are you ready?'

'yeah i'm ready wbu'

'yes im ready, ill be there soon okay'

'okay dont keep me waiting malik (;'

' i wont (; xx'

' okay good '

when i got there i saw her in some shorts a tank top and a vest. she looked so beautiful. i just wanted to hold her tight and never have to let her go.

(ashley's pov)

when zayn came to my house he looked so hot, his hair was perfect as always and he was just so amazing. he came inside and hugged me. he put his arms around my upper butt, and i laughed and kissed his cheek when we pulled out of the hug. 

(zayn's pov)

when i pulled her in for a hug i couldn't help but put my hands really low down to her butt. she noticed what i was doing and she laughed and kissed me on the cheek. my cheek felt warm where she had kissed me, it felt good with her lips against my skin.  

(ashley's pov)

zayn: you ready to go babe

ashley: yeah im ready when you are

zayn: okay so does nandos sound good?

ashley: yeah thats fine

zayn: okay well lets be on our way

zayn was so sweet i really liked him but i was ashamed of myself because i also still had feelings for liam. liam was so nice to me and he made me feel special, he made me feel loved, and beautiful. liam seemed to really care about me.

(3 hours later)

lunch was so fun. after lunch we went to go get ice cream and walk around the park. zayn can be really funny, we had a good laugh together.

(zayn's pov)

lunch was great. i needed to make a move soon before she friendzones me though. when we got in the car i made her laugh and complimented her on her laugh.

zayn: you have a beautiful laugh

ashley: i do?

zayn: yes its beautiful just like everything else about you

i smiled at her and she looked up at me and she smiled and we looked in each others eyes and i leanes in and she did too and we kissed. it was and awesome kiss until she pulled away and said

ashley: we can't do this zayn... i like liam too. i can't just give up my feelings for him

zayn: can you at least give me a chance and then if it doesnt work out we can be friends or something, but please ashley give me a chance!

i leaned in closer to her again and i kissed her passionately. she smiled and she held on to my hand and said

ashley: we should get going 

zayn: okay, but if you want you can sleep over at my flat

ashley: okay but i dont have any clothes 

zayn: dont worry you can borrow some of mine 

ashley: okay sounds good 

zayn: does watching some movies and just relaxing sound good?

ashley: yeah thats fine im not feeling very active anyways

zayn: okay well let's be on our way babe

ashley: okay *smiles*

i was glad ashley was finally mine but she liked liam too so i didn't want him to be around her because i didn't want him to pull any funny buisness. ashley was mine and no one else could have her. i know it sounds selfish of me but she was mine only mine, and if anyone tried to take her away from me they would have to put up a pretty good fight.



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