Me or him?!

I'm Ashley and Im 18 I'm just a normal girl working her way to earn money, and I work at a bowling alley. I know I know "a bowling alley!" Is probably what you're thinking but when one of the best things in my life happened in a bowling alley.


3. oh how i wish that was me...

(liam's pov)

when ashley and zayn came back to the flat after their date they were holding hands and zayn announced that they were now a couple and glared at me. i knew he wanted me to back off, but i loved ashley and you can't just stop loving someone. i looked over to ashley she looked back at me with sad eyes like she cared about me and she didn't want me to be upset or something. no it can't be, she couldn't care about me. if she did she wouldn't have gone out with zayn because i think i made it pretty clear that i liked her yet alone loved her. ashley smiled at me and i smiled back but it hurt, because after everything has happened it was hard for me to just let it go and not be sad about it. zayn noticed us smiling at eachother and he led ashley to his room and they did who knows what. it gave me a headache thinking about what they could be doing... niall noticed me feeling kind of down and asked

niall: are you okay mate?

 niall was so nice he was like a brother to me. all the boys were but niall i was the closest to, and i knew that i could tell him anything. the other boys were in the kitchen so i decided to tell him and i said in a whisper but loud enough for him to hear. 

liam: i think i'm in love with ashley

niall: but zayn is with ashley

liam: i know but the way she looked at me, i know she has at least some feelings for me.

niall: well maybe she does but she is with zayn and im sorry to say that you are going to have to deal with that until they break up, because they are happy and you wouldn't be a very good friend if you messed that up.

niall had a point but i couldn't just let this go, i needed to know if she has feelings for me or not.

liam: thanks for the advice and yeah i wouldn't be such a good friend but mate how do i deal with all the pain?

niall: um how do you deal with the pain? well you could be like me and eat away the pain... 

liam: *laughs* yeah i could but im not going to. 

niall: well now im hungry so bye, stay strong mate

liam: i'll try 

i don't know if i could stay strong, the pain was to severe.

(zayn's pov) 

the way that ashley and liam were smiling at eachother brought a wave of jealousy towards me and i didn't know what else to do but take her into my room and have a talk with her.

zayn: ashley do you love liam more than me?

ashley: zayn of course not! how could you accuse me of such a thing?

zayn: i was just wondering because when you were smiling at him you seemed to be in a trance. it made it seem like you wanted him not me.

ashley: zayn im not that type of girl. i don't just go out with someone and totally be in love with someone else, i would feel to guilty. also i was smiling at liam because i felt bad, he looked depressed so i wanted to make him feel better with a warm smile.

zayn: okay, so you won't dump me for liam

ashley: i would never do that, i love you too much

she leaned in closer to me and pecked me on the lips and we walked out of the room and sat down in the living room and asked

zayn & ashley: do you guys want to watch a movie!

liam: me!

louis: me two!

harry: me three! 

niall: i just started eating! 

ashley: well be a multi-tasker and do both!

niall: gosh! okay miss sassy pants..

louis: I've taught you well ashley *laughs*

ashley: yes you have *laughs*

(ashleys pov) 

ashley: what do you guys want to watch?

louis: the notebook, i feel like watching something sad

ashley: do you guys want to watch the notebook? going once....going twice....going three times....and thats final we are watching the notebook.

we were watching the notebook and we all got situated and i sat with zayn to my right, liam to my left, and niall beside liam. i was suprised that liam sat next to me and zayn didn't seem to care so i just went with it. while we were watching the notebook my eyelids started to get heavy and i drifted off to sleep but i don't remember which way i leaned, because i remember leaning on someones shoulder i just don't remember who's. i hope that it was zayn's because if it was liam's zayn would be so pissed. 


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