Me or him?!

I'm Ashley and Im 18 I'm just a normal girl working her way to earn money, and I work at a bowling alley. I know I know "a bowling alley!" Is probably what you're thinking but when one of the best things in my life happened in a bowling alley.


1. late night shifts

(ashley's pov)

i was spending another night at the bowling alley i was checking all the lanes before we opened then a couple of guys walked in, they looked familiar but i was sure they didnt go to my school. soon after they came in one of the guys walked up to the counter.


 ashley: i'm ashley. did you need something?  

zayn:yeah just some drinks please ashley

 ashley : ok 

i headed over there with the drinks just then i slipped and all the drinks fell on me and i hit my head on the table   

(zayns pov)

liam:oh my!  here let us help you  liam grabbed her back and harry ran to get some ice for her head she reached for my hand to keep her balance and said "thanks sorry for spilling your drinks" but she wasnt looking at me when she said that. "its okay, i just hope you feel better" liam said i think liam fancied her but wasn't too sure and i didnt want to acuse him of anything. she was so beautiful and right when i saw her i knew that i wanted her to be mine. 

(liam's pov)

i felt so bad when the girl that helped us cause she hit her head. she was really pretty. i should ask for her number. no! i dont know her. i dont even know her name but i think heard zayn say it when he went to get our drinks. i'm pretty sure it was ashley. what a pretty name. i dont know about asking for her number though, she will probably think im weird or something. ill just wait. i should make conversation with her and then ask for her number.

(ashleys's pov)

those five boys looked so familiar but i couldnt figure out who they were until 3 girls came running in screaming "one direction" so thats who they were! i cant believe im with one direction. i like their music but im not a total fan girl over them. well after those girls left we sat and talked and got to know eachother better. all of the sudden you hear niall scream

niall: lets play a game!


harry: yeah truth or dare zayn: yeah sounds cool

liam: okay

louis: ill go first, zayn truth or dare? 

zayn: uhh dare

louis: (smirks) okay well um i dare you to cuddle with someone in the group until we leave!


(zayns pov)

maybe this is my chance to get close to ashley and show her how i feel. i walked up to ashley and sat down with her and smiled showing that i had picked her for my dare. she seemed kind of suprised then she smiled. i whispered in her ear 

zayn: sit in between my legs while we sit on the floor.  she smiled and agreed and we sat down and she went in between my legs and i played with her hair and rested my head in her neck. she smiled and moved in  closer to me. it felt so right with her cuddled up with me.

(ashley's pov) 

when i heard zayns dare i laughed and thought he was going to make this funny and cuddle with like one of the boys, but when he came and sat down next to me i was suprised but i had a crush on zayn so i didnt mind. when he asked or me to sit in between his legs i smiled and did exactly that. he rested his head in my neck and it was so cute. but we had to go on with the game so louis said

louis: okay love birds lets keep going with the game.

zayn: okay well y/n truth or dare

ashley: truth

zayn: okay well if i asked you to go on a date would you say yes

y/n: maybe if you're lucky

zayn: okay well do you want to go on a date 

y/n: yeah sure

zayn: does tomarrow sound good 

y/n: yeah thats fine

i was happy that i was going to go on a date with zayn. he was sweet and seemed to care about me. 

(liams pov)

how could zayn do this. i like ashley and then he just goes and cuddles with her and asks her on a date.  next thing you know they are going to get married! i just feel so sick so i stood up and walked away from the circle that we were playing truth or dare in. i couldn't stand watching ashley and zayn getting all lovey dovey.

(zayns pov) 

so now it was a fact. liam had a crush on ashley. the way he looked at me when me and ashley cuddled and when i asked her on a date you could tell he liked her. i felt bad that i took her away from him but i liked her and i would treat her well and she seemed to like me too.  

(ashley's pov)

i wonder why liam left the circle? was he mad about zayn asking me out on a date? did he like me? so many questions.

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