Mistakes Make Happiness

Mistakes. I was definetly good at making them. Some bad, some good. One mistake was different from the others, this mistake changed everything. Changed things good ways and bad. One thing i know for sure is that i love this mistake. It made me realize that sometimes Mistakes Make Happiness.


1. The 1st Mistake

Amory(am-ah-ree)'s POV

I was at the airport waiting to board the plane. Moving was something i was familar with, but definetly did not enjoy. This time it was different, my mom had been transfered to London. I've moved bunches since my parents divorce. I'm oringinaly from LA and i have always wanted to go to London but Los Angeles is where i belong. I was thinking about how much my life was going to change when i was interrupted by screams. Loud screams, as if someone was being bruatally murdered. I turned around to see what seemed like hundreds of girls fangirling over something they obviously liked. I ignored it and got prepared to board. I went to grab my luggage when i noticed my last name wasn't on it. It was someone elses. It read "Styles". Oh great, my luggage was switched with someone elses. Well.. Might as well search for it..

Harry's POV

The boys and I were being mobbed by fans, the usual. I had a terrible headache from the screams, don't get me wrong; i love the fans but thier screams were just so load and i just wanted to board the plane. I picked up my luggage and realized it was much heavier than before. I looked at the tag and noticed a different name printed on it, "Lovem". Great, just great. Some fans stole my bags. "Harry Styles, please report to the main desk with your luggage." I guess the fans were cought.. might as well go get my bags. "Hey, i'll be back!" , i said to the lads and i was off.

Amory's POV

I was having troubles finding my bags due to all the screaming girls. I decided to see if maybe the airport poeple could help me in any way. "Hey mom , I'm going to see if i can find my bags." "Alright, but hurry back. Be careful!" she answered. "Always am!" i quickly replied and ran off to the main desk. When i arrived, there was a man standing in a shirt that said "Southwest Airlines" across the front. "Is there anything i can help you with?" he said with a smile. I replied saying "I think my luggage has been switched with someone elses..". "No problem! There has been craziness here all day due to that boyband." Boyband? i didn't know they still exsisted but since they caused all this commotion i was curious.. "Which band is it?" i asked, wondering. "One Direction.. Girls love 'em." I've heard a few of thier songs but didnt make much of it. "Where are they heading?" i asked still curious. "London, the flight at 12:30." and they're going to be on my plane.. great. I was looking forward to a peaceful plane ride but i cant be expecting that anymore. Oh well. "Well lets get this luggage situation figured out! What name is on the tag?" he asked. "All it says is 'Styles'.." i replied. "Lemme scan the tag so we can get the full name." i handed him the tag and waited impatiently while he scanned it. "Here we go, looks like you have Harry Styles' bags! Looks like you got the bags of a guy from One Direction, how ironic! We'll come him right up here so you guys can exchange bags." "alright, thanks for your help!" I said politely. I just wanted to be in London and have this whole moving thing be over and everything to normal. I had no idea what I was in store for and how much everything was going to change because of one little mistake.

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