my new family

My name is emercin reanne tollen I live in america but i have a british accent because my family moved from britain when i was 14
im now 18 and to my suprise i have a brother and im adopted


2. I'M ADOPTED!!!!

It was my 18th birthday and i was havin fun wit my victoria secret model friend and was drinking when my parents called me  into their room and were crying "come sit down emercin sweety" so I did what I was told and was very nervous "emercin we think you are old enough to understand this sweety you are adopted" "WHAT!!!!" i yelled " sweety we are so sorry we didnt tell you" "its ok I forgive you but who are my parents" i asked "she was already  a mom  she couldnt take care of you and we wanted a daughter so we took you off her hands" she said slowly "i want to find my mum ok that is my mission" and they nodded

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