One and Only

Jasmine V as Destiny
Peyton Rae Burrows as Madison
Gwynne Furches as Lyric
Madison Pettis as Alyssa
Paris Jackson as Katie


1. Soccer Game

I woke up at the sound of my phone going off. I looked down at it and saw that it said 'Incoming call from Destiny'. I picked it up.

"Hello?" I said with a hoarse voice. "Lyric!! We are coming over and you better be ready. We will be there in 20 minutes." Destiny said with excitement."Wait what do you mean by we?" I asked still half asleep. "Me, Madison, Alyssa, and Katie. Who else?" Destiny said. "Oh okay but why are you guys coming over?" I said getting up off my bed. "Soccer game! Tonight is the state finals and its just in Raleigh! Connor, Jordan, Ben, and Smith are all playing remember?" Destiny said sounding like she was running down stairs. "Oh yeah! Okay I will start getting ready." I said. She hung up and I started getting ready.

I looked into my body length mirror and saw that I was a mess. "Yikes!" I muttered to myself. I brushed out my blonde shoulder length hair. I pulled on a t-shirt and some skinny jeans. I found my vans and headed to the bathroom to fix my smeered eyeliner.

"Lyric are you ready we are here!" I heard Madison call up to me. "When did you guys get here?!" I said suprised it felt nothing like 20 minutes. "Just now! Hurry the game starts in an hour and we want good seats!" To be honest I never really enjoyed soccer but Katie's boyfriend Connor was playing and he is also one of my close friends so I guess I have to suck it up and go. "Alright I'm coming!" I said running down my stairs. All the girls had got dressed up. They weren't like fancy or anything they just wore their better clothes.

Alyssa had her hair straight - instead of her natural bouncy curly hair - in a beanie. She also had on a tan collared sheer tank top. She had on black skinny jeans and sperry shoes. Destiny had her hair in a high pony. She wore a hunter green v neck shirt and tan shorts with strappy sandals. Madison had her hair scrunched. She wore a blue and purple plaid shirt. She wore jean capris and jeaned toms. Katie had her hair straight. She wore a pink dress that came just a little above her knees and a black and white striped cardigain over it. She had on black toms.

"Are you ready?" Katie said. "Yeah. Let's go." I said running my hand through my hair. We all walked out the door and headed towards Destiny's grey Toyota Truck. "Wow, you cleaned up the truck." I said. "Hey it wasn't all that bad." Destiny laughed. "Destiny yes it was you had Bojangles and McDonald bags all over." Alyssa laughed. "Okay, okay it was bad, but atleast its clean now." Destiny said pulling out of the driveway.

When we got the soccer field it was jam packed. I was suprised that so many people showed up. It was Franklinton Highschool vs. North Raleigh Christian Acedamy. We have never played them before now since we were all the way out in Youngsville/Franklinton.

"There are so many people here!" Katie said astonished. "I know! Do you see anyone we know?" Madison asked. "Hey I think Andrew might be here." Destiny said winking at Madison. "Nah, he said he wasn't coming tonight because he had to study for a big test or something." Madison said. "Oh well thats a suprise he's always at the games." Alyssa said. We continued to talk and about 10 minutes later the game started.

"OH MY GOSH!! CONNOR JUST SCORED! DID YOU SEE THAT!! WOAHH GO CONNOR!" Katie screamed. "Calm down Katie!" I said laughing at her excitement. "Sorry." Katie said laughing and blushing from embarrassment. "I'm hungry. Does anyone want anything to eat." I asked. "All you do is eat. And I wanna come with you" Madison said. "I don't eat that much." I said defending myself. They all laughed.

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