One and Only

Jasmine V as Destiny
Peyton Rae Burrows as Madison
Gwynne Furches as Lyric
Madison Pettis as Alyssa
Paris Jackson as Katie


2. Running into.

After I got the popcorn I ran right into a hard body.

"Gosh are you okay?!" I heard someone say. "Lyric! Oh my gosh!" Madison cried. "Yeah I think so." I said rubbing my arm as I got up. "I'm so sorry! I honestly didn't see you there!" the person I ran into said with consern. "Yeah. It's okay" I said trailing off looking at the person in front of me. The person I ran into hard beautiful bright blue eyes and blonde hair that had brown roots. "Your Niall....From One Direction" I said. "Um, yeah," he said with a side grin. "OHH!! That's how I know who you are!" Madison yelled. Niall laughed.

"Niall! What's taking so long!" a british voice said behind us. We turned around and saw the rest of One Direction. "Yeah sorry bout that." Niall said explaining to them what had happened. "Do you want us to buy you some more popcorn." Liam asked. "No it's fine but thank you." I said. "You sure?" he said. "Yes. I'm sure." I said. "Hey since we dont have any seats yet can we come sit with you guys?" Zayne asked. "Yes! Of course you can!" Madison said with a little to much excitement.

When we got to our seats the other girls looked suprised and confused. I explained to them what had happened and they inroduced themselves. Destiny kept looking at Harry and I thought it was cute. Liam was sitting next to Louis and Destiny. Harry was sitting next to Destiny and me. Niall was sitting next to me and Katie. Zayn was sitting next to Alyssa who was sitting next to Katie. 

"YES! WE WON! AND CONNOR SCORED THE WINNING GOAL!! AHHHH!!" Katie screamed. "I guess that must be her boyfriend?" Louis laughed. "Yeah she gets a little excited when he scores." Alyssa said.

After the game we all exchanged numbers and headed home.

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