Big Surprise / One Direction

Best friends Taylea , Haley and Katie are on there way to Doncaster, London for a vacation they are never going to foret they get n a plane and meet someone they never thought they would even see in person but what happens when one of them falls head over heals for one of the girls but what happens when 2 of them fall for him how many heart breaks how much drama find it all in this movella...


8. We're here

Nialls Pov
Let's get off I need to go to nandos can you wait a second I'm busy talking to Haley Zyan
said Tayleas Pov I think that zyan loves Haley Katie's Pov yeah me too wait What Taylea said we get off the plane were do we go we need a car I have one Louis said OMG Katie stared shaking Hey Harry said to Taylea Taylea Pov Harry picked me up I was freaking and he put me in Louis's car Katie's Pov Louis picked me up and put me in his limo it was pretty big Haley's Pov zyan said I lov HEY let's go Louis said so zyan picked me up and put me in Louis's limo boom boom ahh zyan put me in Louis car wooh big storm came in let's go Haley said wait naill came in now let's go Katie's Pov Louis yes I think I forgot something like what tell you limo driver to go back to the plane why what did you forget I FROGOT ALYSSA
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