Big Surprise / One Direction

Best friends Taylea , Haley and Katie are on there way to Doncaster, London for a vacation they are never going to foret they get n a plane and meet someone they never thought they would even see in person but what happens when one of them falls head over heals for one of the girls but what happens when 2 of them fall for him how many heart breaks how much drama find it all in this movella...


6. Omg

Boom boom ahh a big storm came Alyssa's mom was right knock knock I opened the door hello help me Alyssa said I thought you had to go home my car series just ran out of gas okay CAN I COME IN ohh WHAT their is a hurccin out here help me come in Haley cam and sat on the couch and I sat next to her Alyssa opened the closet and grabbed a towl and sat bye me Katie on the couch Taylea came and sat on the couch Haley fell asleep and fell on the blow up matrass Taylea fell next to Haley then fell asleep Alyssa went to the bed in the livening room and fell asleep I layed down on the couch grabbed four blankets put one over Alyssa put one on Haley put one on Taylea I layed down then put a blanket over me then fell asleep
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