Big Surprise / One Direction

Best friends Taylea , Haley and Katie are on there way to Doncaster, London for a vacation they are never going to foret they get n a plane and meet someone they never thought they would even see in person but what happens when one of them falls head over heals for one of the girls but what happens when 2 of them fall for him how many heart breaks how much drama find it all in this movella...


1. Getting to know us

Haley's Pov
Well me and my 2 best friends are going to Doncaster , London for a vacation. Well to get to know me I'm 18 and I'm single and ready to mingle lol I always thought that was funny well back to me. I have brown hair with blonde high lights and a blue height light too my hair goes barely past my shoulders. Well I'm 5'7 and I wear a size 8 in shoes and have since I was 12 crazy right. Well I was never one of those popular girls at school cause they are so mean. Well I just graduated this year with Taylea and Katie pretty awesome right. Lol well do you know that band One Direction well I am a total directioner lol just had to say that. And btw I'm crazy hyper and love to eat a lot
Taylea's Pov
Okay well here we go I'm 18 years old just like Haley and Katie and I'm single , I have brown long hair with some natural highlights . And I'm 5'8 and wear a 9 or 10 I shoes I really don't know I have huge feet. And i just graduated this year with my best friends Haley and Katie . Do you know who one direction is I love them they are my idols . Ok so I like forgot to say this I really like tacos
Katie's Pov
Ok I'm 18 years old and m single probably already knew that though I'm am 5'6 I'm really short for my age I know people think I'm like a ninth grader I feel so short but what ever. I have long blonde wavy hair a blue streack awesome I know lol well I just graduated this year with my best friends and now we are on our way to London amazing matte we will see one direction even get on the same plane the are in the Same place as us lol in my dreams that will happen. But I really never thought I would even go to London so it might happen btw I'm a total directioner with Taylea and Haley lol well know you know who we are enjoy. I'm just going to say I'm not very crazy or hyper well sometimes in can be but yeah.

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This is my first fanfic I do not want any hate so if you don't like it just act like you never read it and move on with your life ok well thanks for reading little carrots love ya guys thanks for reading
P. S the punctuation isn't tha good or the grammar I understand I will work on that thanks
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