Big Surprise / One Direction

Best friends Taylea , Haley and Katie are on there way to Doncaster, London for a vacation they are never going to foret they get n a plane and meet someone they never thought they would even see in person but what happens when one of them falls head over heals for one of the girls but what happens when 2 of them fall for him how many heart breaks how much drama find it all in this movella...


2. Excited

Katie's Pov

I`m so excited to go to Doncaster with my best friends Taylea and Haley we have always dreamed of going to Doncaster, London. We have heard its amazing. And all three of us are huge directioners so we are also excited because we might run into them there witch would be amazing.

Haley`s Pov

I`m so excited I can`t wait. We just got to the airport and we Have to wait awhile to get on the plane cause we have a later flight. I`m really really scared because I have never been on a plane but Katie and Taylea both have. So I told them I am sitting in the middle of them. Well Taylea, Katie and I are getting starbucks and I swear I just seen Louis and Harry. Omg i`m seeing things this isn`t cool. It would be amazing if we got on a plane with them. If they were even in America witch i actually think they were in the same state as us. That would be so weird if we meet them. I would go crazy.

Tayles`s Pov

We`re going to Doncaster we`re going to Doncaster. I`m so excited if you can tell. I can`t wait. I`m so excited really. I wish that we can go to Big Ben and on one of those big buses and so much more. I really want to go every where in London witch I probably will since I am moving there. I couldn`t believe it when Haley told me that are parents let us. I mean I was so surprised that I almost fainted. Katie just jumped up and down forever because she was so excited. You should see Katie`s room though it is rediculous she has so many posters of One Direction. We are Huge Directioners. We totally hate it when people make stuff up and give the boys hate it makes us even cry sometimes. Sometimes it feels like its just one big dream that you will never wake up from but I`m glad its not. When we got starbucks I swore I seen Louis and Harry i`m probably just seeing things thats my usual self

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