Big Surprise / One Direction

Best friends Taylea , Haley and Katie are on there way to Doncaster, London for a vacation they are never going to foret they get n a plane and meet someone they never thought they would even see in person but what happens when one of them falls head over heals for one of the girls but what happens when 2 of them fall for him how many heart breaks how much drama find it all in this movella...


10. Alyssa?

Katie's Pov
Louis drove us back to the plane and I got on and I was yelling Alyssa Alyssa but their was no awnser then Haley Came on the plane and said let's go I said I can't she said why I said do you remember about alyssa oh yea were is she Haley said I don't know the last time I saw her was when we were on the plane ! Nials Pov COME ON IM HURNEGY AND I WANTTO GO TO NANDOS Katie's Pov chill Niall and then the bathroom door opens and the plane driver comes out hey u where's Alyssa plane drivers Pov I don't know now go

Then we went back in the car and then ..... Haley's Pov while we where in the car Katie started crying I said whats wrong then she yelled at me and said I LOST ALYSSA !!!! I said okay I'm sorry we will find her Katie's Pov we were at the hotal and I just stopped crying but then everyone
Unpacked and then their was a knock on the door and I opened it and Alyssa said hey girl I said OMG I THOUGHT I LOSTNYOU I MISSED YOU SOOOOO MUCH Alyssa's Pov I was in the back of the limo and then followed you here Katie's Pov but you weren't in here Alyssa's Pov yea I found a hot tub and got in then I decided to come here Katie's Pov I'm so glad your alive if you dident come back I would've died
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