Bump In

Hope and Darby finally got to meet One Direction. Joy(:


3. You're the One That Slept With My Best Friend

I hear my alarm " ugh", I think. Then it hit me what happened last night, was it a dream? I hope not. "OMG its 12:00 I need to get up", I said to myself. I got up and jumped in to the the shower and shampoo my hair and shave, then I jump  right out. Well that was the quickest shower of my life, I thought to myself. I put on my I put my underwear and bra on then pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans and a plain white v neck tee and a grey cardigan and a white pair of TOMS. I grabbed my phone and walked to the boys room, they should be awake by now I thought. I walked up to their door and knock, I hear groaning and then the door opens and there was Niall shirtless. Don't faint hope don't faint I told my self, hello abs. " hey", he said giving me hug , " hey Niall I was looking for Darby" I say. " oh yeah", he chuckles. " she around here somewhere", he said letting me in. I walked in there living room told find Harry, Liam, and Zayn. " hey guys" I say not noiceing harry is completely nude. " ahhhh" I scream quickly covering my eyes. " Harry put some clothes on please" I scream at him " but- no buts I say interpting him. " fine" he said leaving, I put my hands down and sat on the couch next to Liam, "hey hope", he said not tearing his eyes from his video game. " we'll I am going to go fined Darby" I say getting up, " make sure you knock" Zayn said winking at me, I smile at him, I go down the hallway, when I come to the bedroom I knock, I don't hear anything so I open the door. There was Darby and Louis cuddled together, awwww I thought as I took a picture. That's a keeper. I walked over to the bed and poked Darby " get up! Get up" I said, well that didn't work lets try this " DARBY BYRNE BORTON IF YOU DON'T GET UP I WILL BRUN ALL YOUR ONE DIRECTION POSTERS!" , I shouted " Waa?", she muttered I know that would work. Niall came running in, " why are u going to burn our posters?"he asked " I said it so she would get up", I said . " oh Niall said releved. " What going on", Louis said, " me and Darby's got to go", I said. "  but I don't you to go" Louis pulling Darby on his lap. " Yeah why don't you stay" Niall said giving me a kiss on the forehead. " we can have Paige get our mail", Darby said. Everyone was giving me puppy dog eyes. " we'll I feel like Liam" I said laughing, "Hey" I heard Liam say. " sorry Liam" I said. " so...", Darby said. " of course how could I say no", I said laughing . Darby started to scream and gave a death grip hug. " can't breath" I manged to get out. She let go and then right in to another bear hug for Louis, " thank you, thank you", he screamed, " your wellcome", I said, he let go and I walked over to Niall, " geez look at those two " i said to Niall. Darby and Louis were having a tickle fight and Louis was losing badly. " yeah". Niall said looking into my eyes, he leaded in and our lips smashed into each other, we were probably standing there snogging for a good cupple for minutes before I heard " Ewww stop making baby's" Louis shouted,  I forgot they where there " you were the one how slept with my BFF last night" I said, they both blushed and  contued to tickle each other Louis still losing, I laughed, I turned back to Niall, " so how are u" i said to him, " much better now that your here", he said " aww", I blushed kissing he on the check. " I'm going to take you on a date tonight", Niall said, " yay, where" I asked, " it's a surprise" he said, " aww" i said, turning my attention back Darby and  Louis, louis was still losing horrbly, " Louis shes ticklish under her chin" I screamed at Louis, he then started win Lln I thought. Then me and Niall started to walk to the living room when I stopped " whats wrong", Niall asked me " is everyone clothed I screamed into the living room, " maybe" I heard harry say, " Harry " I said " it's all clear " Liam said, so well came in all their eyes plastered to the tv Not looking " ok well I'm going to go get ready for tonight" I told Niall, " Kk babe I'll pick u yep at 7", Niall said giving me a kiss on the forehead,  " Kk", i said walking out the door. As soon as I walked the door I Screamed " I have a date with NIALL FREAKING HORAN and he called me babe this is has been the best day ever!!!"
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