Bump In

Hope and Darby finally got to meet One Direction. Joy(:


4. Date With Niall

It was now 12 am still sitting Niall's bed on twitter. " what you want to do now" Niall asked putting away his labtop. " I don't but I'm tired" I said yawning, " ok we can go to bed" he said looking quite tried himself. " good" I mummble getting up and heading out to the couch. " where are you going" he asked me, " to the couch" I said confused by his question. " its ok you can sleep in my bed". " ah ok" said comming back to his bed and sat down " are you sure its ok" I asked him. " yeah I don't mind having a beautiful girl sleep next to me" he said smiling, I blushed. " o-ok" I manged to get out, " are you going to sleep in your clothes" he asked me " yeah I'm not going back to my room to get pjs and risk seeing things I don't want to see" I said laughing , " I guess your right" he chuckled getting and walking over his closet. " here you can wear this" he said handing me a black pair of sweats and a white tee.  " oh thanks" I said taking the clothes to the bathroom, I put the clothes on and put my clothes in a neat pile it looked clean next to Nialls messy room. I sat down on the bed and slide under the covers, i looked at Niall had taking his shirt off hello abs i couldnt help but stare. Niall turned off the lights and got in on the other side. " Niall", " hmm" he said " thanks for Letting me
Stay I didn't want to be a bother to you" I said  "your wellcome and your not a bother its nice to have you here" he said turning to face me, I just smiled " like being with you too" i said , he kissed me on the forehead " good night hope " he said " good night Niall l" I said perfect end to a perfect day
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