Bump In

Hope and Darby finally got to meet One Direction. Joy(:


1. Black Out

"You've got that one thing!!!", I scream along as the concert came to end, me and my BFF   Darby where hard-core directioners. We had been waiting for this concert for a year.       " are you ready hope?" , Darby asked. " yeah " , I said. As we where walking out of the arena doors. We were far from our apartment we shared and had to get a hotal , lucky for us there was a hotal right next to the arena, next thing we know we heard screaming a lot of screaming. I turn around and everything went black. " oh crap" one  voice said in a english accent, " are they ok? " another asked in a Irish accent. I slowly opened my eyes, my head throbbing. I see five sets of eyes staring at me. Rubbing my eyes I can't be seeing this ONE DIRECTION!!!!
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