Bump In

Hope and Darby finally got to meet One Direction. Joy(:


2. Best Day Ever

I tried not to fan girl as NIALL FREAKING HORAN held out his hand to help me up, I gladly accepted, I looked over at Darby she was giggling like a school girl as Louis helped her up. " hey we'er sorry we were just getting chased by thoselfans we didn't mean to run into you guys" Harry spoke up. " it's ok",me and Darby said in unison. Niall chuckled, god do I love his laugh, I thought, " so where were you guys heading to" , Liam asked Nicely like the good the good daddy direction he is, " our hotal" Darby said pointing to the bluiding across the street. " that where we are staying at". Louis said winking at Darby she blushed. " Want to join us", Niall asked. " sure ", me and Darby said, trying not to fan girl. As we walk across  Niall offers his arm, we link arms, Louis did same for Darby, Harry looked quite annoyed at Louis, Harry most like Darby too. On second thought, Harry doesn't share his boo- bear Lln yep thats what it is. We walk in too there hotal room, we all sit on a large couch. It silent for away in till louis spoke up, " so tell us about yourselfs gurrrls", I started " well I'm Hope Myers, from ohio,I'm 18 I'm a huge fan of you guys, I can't believe I'm here right now i was near  hyperventilating, " clam down" Zayn said. " sorry", I said " its quite ok " Niall said. "Hbu Darby " Harry asked. " well Darby started I'm Darby Borton 18 also a huge fan of yours, " cool" Louis said" But now it's time for a smashing game truth or dare I will go first, Darby truth or dare. "Truth"Darby said, " hehe who is your favorite member of 1d" Louis said " uhhh idontknowitissohardtochooseilikeyouallbutithinklouis" Darby said in one breath , they all said wat? Looking to me for the answer, " she said Louis " I say,  there was  awws Louis put his arm around Darby's waist, she looked tickled pink! It was such a fun night, me and Niall got closer as we were dared to play 7 minutes in hevean most dufintly the highlight of the night, I was late so we had to get going so I went to the bathroom and then set out to find Darby we had kinnda all split up in groups, I walked by a bedroom and saw Darby and Louis in major makeout zone, I didn't want to ruin it for for her so I kissed Niall and told him I would see him tomorrow, BEST DAY EVER!!!
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