Real Love?

When you're famous you need to pretend being someone else but what happens when the rebel teenage sensation Samantha is forced to date one of the one direction lads?


3. Unbelievable.

Harry's P.O.V:

I was so mad I cannot believe Paul organized this. 

"Please let her finish" said Paul. I needed to hold my anger.

"Thank you Paul" said Scarlett and continued "I was going to say this relationship is going to be until you are back in publicty and win again all the fans you already have lost because of your actions."

"Do we have a choice?" said Samantha. I cannot lie she was hot and fit, her brown hair and piercing eyes were beatiful but I had began seeing this girl called Johanna who I liked, only the lads knew about her because eventhough we weren't really official I knew if it went out a lot in public she was going to receive hate and I didn't  want that.

"No you don't this is for the best for you and you careers" said Paul.

"Paul, can we talk privately" I said standing up and walking to the door.

He nooded and followed me.

When we were outside the office I exploded "PAUL ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?! I began to see this girl not long ago and know you tell me I need to date this girl I don't know.."

Paul interrupted me "Harry you should have said that you were seeing someone and what is done its already done and you can continue seeing the girl when the fake relationship is over I don't think it will last long".

"But Paul I barely know this girl.."I said before he interrupted me.

"You will get to know each other soon Scarlett has already some dates organized so let go back to her office so we can finish."

I nooded and walked sliently.

Sam's P.O.V: 

As soon as Paul and Harry left the office to talk outside I began to screm at Scarlett. "SCARLET HOW COULD YOU DO THIS AGAIN?!?! I don't even know him and you know I don't want to date and if I would want to I would decide who not you."

"Samantha, take this as teaching for everytime you do something wrong and this happened because of your behavior and remember its your fault not mine."said Scarlett.

"But Scarlett I dont even know him what if he hates me or I hate him? What if we cannot stand each other?" I said.

"Hate is a strong word and remember is a pretended relationship so if you hate each other you need to pretend you love each other. You will also get to know him I have a dating schedule organized."

Before I could say anything Paul and Harry entered the room you could see that Harry's green eyes were dark and I knew when that happened is because your mad because it happens the same to me and I cannot blame him I was mad as hell.

Scarlett interrupted my thoughts when she began to talk again "So we need you to start tha dating as soon as possible so I organized a dating schedule which begins tomorrow with a small dinner".

I was relief she said tomorrow because tonight was party time and I wasn't going to miss this party for anything.

"Scarlett, it is already 8 I have to go" I said to Scarlett. The party was at 10 and I needed time to get ready.

"Well Sam, you can go but you go with Harry to the parking lot so you can have a small chat before tomorrow and exchange number."

"Don't forget to follow each other in twitter also" said Paul.

I nooded and left with Harry behind me.

"I just wanted to let you know that I am seeing someone and that I will not stop for this fake relationship" he said.

I nooded and said "I understand I also going to continue seeing guys just not so public"

"We can get to know each other and become friends so we can make this less akward"he said.

"That sounds good to me" I said already next to my car.

"Well so we should exchange numbers before you leave" he said will handing me his phone.

I gave him mine so he could write his number. Then we gave each other our phones and there was a little bit of akward silence until he said "Bye Sam" and gave me a weird but nice hug. I just said "Bye" and hopped into my car.

Before leaving I went on twitter and followed harry then I tweetted: 

@ItsSamBiotch: "This day was crazy as hell but know party with the bestie @RebeccaPartQueen."

As soon I left twitter I left the studio/management building and went home


A/N: I do not own any of the twitter usernames so if you are the owner and you don't want me to use them tell me and I will be happy to change because I undestand if you want to be private. Love yaaaaa, Caro.



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