Real Love?

When you're famous you need to pretend being someone else but what happens when the rebel teenage sensation Samantha is forced to date one of the one direction lads?


2. The News.

Sam's P.O.V:

It was a normal tuesday. I was working till late in the studio making my new album, the first one in which  wrote all the songs. The day was almost over and I wanted it to be because at night it was my friend's, Rebecca, birthday and it only meant one thing PARTY HARD. I had just finish recording the last verse of my favorite single in the whole album called "Me, Myself, and I" it is a song the mostly explains me and how I will never change for anyone and less for a guy. 

"Sam, Scarlett needs you in her office now" said Gemma, Scarlett's personal assistant.

"Okay, thank you Gemma" I said.

She nooded.

I was wondering what Scarlett needed me she only called me to her office when I did something wrong and lately I tried to be a good girl beause I knew today I was going to sin. 

I knock on Scarlett's office door.

"Coming in" she said.

When I opened the door I saw two guys sitting in her office one was a old man (like 30 years old) and the other guy was like my age and had curly hair with beautiful green who I recognized inmediately. He was Harry Styles from One Direction I had heard their music before not my type to colorful for what I usually listen. 

"What's going on?" I said with a confuse look on my face.

"Please sit Samantha." said Scarlett.

I sat on the only sit left and looked at Scarlett with a look that said 'tell me'.

She saw my expression and said "Sam, I want you to meet Harry Styles from One Direction and his manager Paul Higgings"

"Hi" was the only word that came out of my mouth I was so confused I never meet this guy before.

"Nice to meet you Samantha" said Paul, the manager while Harry just nooded you could see in his green eyes he was so confused as me.

"We brought you both here and by we I mean Paul and I to talk about what has happened lately in your public lives" said Samantha.

"Yes, you both had had really a bad reputation with the public, you Harry since you braked a marriage and dated a woman who is a lot older than you.." said Paul before being interrupted by Scarlett.

"And you Samantha, since you have become this party girl who drink before what is supposed to and also has tatoos and smokes your reputation has gone down." When Scarlett said that I was so mad and I knew where this was going she had tried this before but I only hoped that what i expected was not going to happen. 

"So because of this reasons you too have to have a fake relationship until.."we interrupted her.

"WHATT!!" Harry and I said in univision. I knew it why did they wanted to do this i didn't know this guy.


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