Real Love?

When you're famous you need to pretend being someone else but what happens when the rebel teenage sensation Samantha is forced to date one of the one direction lads?


7. Telling Her

Harry's P.O.V:

I arrived home and all tha lads were waiting for me. As soon as entered the living room all the boys went quiet and stared at me for a while. It was really awkward until Louis talked:

"We are not going to ignored what we saw earlier"

"Well....ummm ....basically.." I began before being interrupted by Louis

"Harold, talk."

"Well let's just say that yesterday at the club I began to talk with Samantha and we have some drinks. Then one thing left to another and then I woke up with her by my side but I don't remembered if we had sex or not.

"And what happenend with Johanna?" asked Liam

"I never told her about the fake relationship so I am going to tell her now and I want to be with Johanna not with Sam, that was just the mood know what I mean"

"You should talk to Johanna about everything." suggested Niall.

"I know Nialler, that is what I am about to do." I said before walking to my room.

As soon as I went inside my room I called Johanna.

Phone Call

"Hey Johanna"

"Hi Harry, sorry if I was calling you quite a lot is that I saw like this pictures of you and the Sam, the famous singer, and I wanted to tell you that if you are in a relationship with her I don't want to be apart of it like the other one you know what I mean"

"Yes I understand you but me and Sam are not dating it's just a fake relationship management planned because I was making the band loose fans."

"Oh, I see."

"Johanna, I know we just began seeing each other but I want to be in a relationship with you soon, please don't let the thing with Sam ruined us it will just be for a little while and then we can hangout together"

"Harry, I think we should talk about it better not by phone."

"Sure, let's meet at Starbucks like in half a hour because tonight I am kind of busy".

"Ok Harry, see you then"

"Bye Johanna"

30minute later

I walked in Starbucks and it was kind of empty to be a Starbucks. Johanna wasn´t there yet so I decided to signed some autographs and take some pictured with some fans who were outside Starbucks. Then I sat at a tabe until Johanna arrived.

"Hey Harry"

"Hi Johanna" I hugged her and then we both sat down. I began to talk to break the silence that was coming.

"So, I know maybe you don't believe me abou the whole Sam thing but I want to tell you its just for the media I don't have feelings towards her"

"Harry, I do believe you"

"Then, what did you wanted to talk about?"

"I just wanted to tell you that I think it is not going to be easy that we see each other while the whole fake relathionship thing, we can continue be friends and maybe in the future we can be simething more but now I think is for the best of both of us to be just friends."

"Johanna, we can make this work."

"Sorry Harry it's just not going to work out." and with that she left.

"But Johanna" whats the last thing I said before I left with tears filling in my eyes.





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