Real Love?

When you're famous you need to pretend being someone else but what happens when the rebel teenage sensation Samantha is forced to date one of the one direction lads?


5. Party

Sam's P.O.V:

"SAMMM GURLLL YOU LOOK HOTT" Rebecca was shouting at me.

"You look hotter birthday gurll" I told her.

"Come let's party the club is full with hot guys and it's a tuesday you don't see this very often". she said while pulling me to the dance floor.

I danced like three songs witn Rebecca and then went to the bar because she was flirting with this guy and they needed their privacy if you know what I mean ;). I sat on the bar  and began to drink untila familiar guy sits next to me.


Harry's P.O.V:

When the lads and I arrived at the club it was full for a tuesday but that didn't stopped to party. I saw how Niall and Zayn where looking for girls as soon as they entered the club. I decided I could find a girl but not take her home just like do something in the club because eventhough me and Johanna aren't official it will still hurt her if I brought a gril home. Liam had invited Danielle and Louis Eleanor. The lads, Dani and El were already dancing while I decided to go to the bar. When I was close to the bar I saw a brunette girl with curls I didnt saw her face so I decided to sit next to her.

"Hey babe" I said trying to flirt.

"Harry?" she answered and then I realized it was Sam.

"Ohh, hey Sam I didn't know it was you." I answered truthfully.

"It's okay, but I thought you were seeing someone".she said

"I am seeing someone but we are not official yet so I can still party a little bit." I defended myself.

"I was not attacking you"she said and continued "I thought you were serious with her when you told me about her earlier."

"Ohh" was the only thing I said. There was akward silence for a bit so I decided to break it "Want some shots?"

"Sure" she said.

The shots came and then we began to talk about ourselves to get to know each other she was actually really funny and sweet you wouldn't know that with her appearence beacuse she dresses all slutty and she has tattoos and stuff. She tries to act like a bad girl but she really isn't at all not even close.

After some more shots the night was blur I only remembered Sam and I laughing like we knew each other for ages but after that I don't remember a thing.


A/N: Sorry for the not so good chapter but know the story gets better. Thanks veryone for reading it. Lovee, Caro


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