Real Love?

When you're famous you need to pretend being someone else but what happens when the rebel teenage sensation Samantha is forced to date one of the one direction lads?


8. Lunch

Sam's P.O.V

I arrived home and went to bed to think. I didn't like Harry, I didn't even know him well. So what happenend was just the reaction of alcohol, that was it. But I also feel so bad for Harry he was seeing this girl, Johanna I think, and know he can't because of mangement. After thinking for a while I took a long bath. After my bath I decided to talk to Rebecca so we could go out for lunch.

Phone Call

Hey Sam Sam, whats up?

Nothing much, just wanted to know if you wanted to go have lunch in a small cafe I need to tell you something.

Sure, lets meet there in a hour I need to get ready yerterday's party left me like a mess.

See you, love yaaaa!

Love you toooo!

One Hour Later

I was already on the cafe waiting for Rebecca to arrive. She was never on time so I decided to order a lemonade while waiting for her.

"Omg look is Sam" some fans began to shout. 

"Hi, yes its me do you want a picture or something?" I asked nicely as possible.

"Yes, please can we have a picture?" they asked.


Then the fans left and Rebecca arrived.

"Hey gurll, liked the party?" She said after she gave me a hug.

"It was awesome I needed a party so bad".

"I imagine your job is not easy"

"I know but thats not the only reason I needed a party. You know Harry Styles? Right?"

"Offcourse, he is fit but I think he is kind of a manwhore but anyway what happened with him?"

"You know that Scarlett is kind of crazy so she and Harry's manager Paul Higgins make us fake date for press and stuff".

"Really since when? Because yesterday you were with this guy all over each other"

"It was him but like our real date fake dating is today. Yesterday we just met ther and one thing led to another.." I said before Rebecca interrupted me.

"You don't even know him and you slept with him"

"How do know?"

"It's obvious and also I saw some pictures on twitter of you in his car all over him."

"So you already knew that I was with him yesterday?"

"Yes, I was just waiting for you to tell me"

Rebecca and me stayed on the cafe talking and eating for a while but then I went home because I needed to begin to get ready for my "date".



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