Real Love?

When you're famous you need to pretend being someone else but what happens when the rebel teenage sensation Samantha is forced to date one of the one direction lads?


9. Date Time.

Sam's P.O.V:

What to wear? I thought to myself. We were going to Fiordi one of London's best restaurants but I dind't know what to wear. I needed to look fabulous because papparazi was going to be crazy but I didn't wanted to look like I tried to hard so I decided in a black lace dress that showed all my back. I decided to style my hair really simple so I left it wavy and my makeup was smokey eyes that popped my green eyes. It was a little past seven so I decided to go to twitter while waiting. 

"Going to Fiordi, a little Italian for the soul. xx" I tweeted.


Harry's P.O.V:

It was a little past seven and I was already in my car on my way to Sam's house. I wasn't in the mood since this afternoon with the whole Johanna thing. People don't know that I am a really sensitive guy especiall with girl and more with Johanna I was beginnig to care for her a lot but things didn't turn out.

I was already outside Sam's house so I decided to text her. I am usually the kind that opens the doors to girl but today was just going all wrong-

Then, she came out. I can lie she looked fit everything looked perfect. Her hair, her dress. Wow. Harry what are you thinking this is just work. I couldn't stop staring what a creep. She then openend the door a sat at the passenger's seat next to me. 

"Hi Harry" she said and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

I was surprised but then saw papparazi near us. "Hey Johanna, you clean up nice".

"Thanks, you too."

The car ride was silent and awkward. Thank god Fiordi was close it was only like 20 minutes from Johanna's House. When we arrived Fiordi was full of people thank god Paul made reservation with anticipation. I parked the car and went to Sam's side to open the door. Papparazi saw us and began to chase us until the entrance. I grabbed Sam's waist to protect her. 

"Are two dating?"

"Is this the mystery girl Harry?"

"Where did the no relationship rule go, Sam?"

We only heard questions and more questions but we decided to ignore.

We arrived and sat in a small table for two. I always loved Fiordi never fans only old couples eating past and enjoying the night with a bottle of wine.

"So Harry, are you planning to tell anyone about the relationship being fake" she asked braking the silence.

"I already told the boys and I think they are the only ones I am telling. How about you?"

"I told my best friend, Rebecca and I think she is the only one that I can trust"

"I see"

Sam and I talked for hours we both ate pasta and shared dessert. It was nice being with her but I never saw her as a real relationship maybe friends or something like that.

After the date, I took her home and we decided to go out on Saturday and she will meet the boys. I was looking forward for it and I was really happy that this whole relationship wasn't going to be awkward. 


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