Real Love?

When you're famous you need to pretend being someone else but what happens when the rebel teenage sensation Samantha is forced to date one of the one direction lads?


4. Almost Party Time

Harry's P.O.V:

That was a really wakward hug but I just did it because I saw papparazi, I was not going to hug this girl I don't know without any reason. When I was in my car I saw she was on her phone and hadn't left so I decided to do the same. I went on twitter and followed her and saw she just tweeted about a crazy day and I knew she meant about the fake relationship. Then, she left and I was about to go back home to my loft, which I share with my best friend Louis, when I began to think who I was going to say about the relationship. I needed to tell my family and the lads and offcourse Johanna. I turned the engine and left to the loft. When I arrived I saw the lads watching telly.

"HAROLDD!" screamled Louis.

"Heyy" I said.

"What happened mate, you look a little down?" asked Liam.

"Well.. uhmm.. basically.." I didn't know how to tell them.

"Talk Harry" said Zayn he hated when I paused while talking.

"It's just.. that.. management organized me a fake relationship whit Sam, you know the famous singer."

"She's hot" said Niall.

"Really really hot" said Zayn while Louis just nooded with a smile on his face looking at me.

"I know but there is a problem, I started seeing Johanna which I like and I don't want to ruin everything with her with a fake relationship." I said.

"She will understand mate, you don't really like Sam is just faking with no emotions." said Liam, he always knew what to say in every situation.

"I got a idea.." said Niall.

"Spit it" Louis interrupted.

"Let's go clubbing to take Harry's mind from the situation and then tomorrow you can tell Johanna" Niall finished he looked proud of his idea.

"That sounds fun, what do you say Harry?" asked Zayn.

All eyes where at me so I just nooded and told the lads I was getting ready for tonight.


Sam's P.O.V:

In the car ride back home I was thinking about the relationship thing. I cannot lie Harry is kind of hot but first I barely know him and he looks like a teddy bear I like guys more fit and more masculine. Then I began to think about the party tonight and how I was going to get crazy and everything. When I arrived home it was 8:30 so I only had one hour and a half left so I decided to hurry.

At 10:15 I was ready and about to leave. I went with the kind of slutty look but not to slutty. I had my brown hair down with curls and I wore a really tight dress which was black and no sleeves. I wore multicolor pumps because I didn't want to look all black and my makeup was simple but you still noticed it. I looked hot my boobs and butt look huge but not fake huge if you understand what I mean. I was in my car on my way to the club when the Harry situation came to my mind but I just ried to ignored it. 

When I arrived to the club I couldn't believe it was full but I knew not everyone came to Rebecca's party but still it was full so maybe I had luck today taking a man home.

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