To Late To Change

hello my name is Alexus Marie Ann Parker, i live with my best friend in the whole world Claire. We live in a cute beach house in London. You know how people say don't live in the past? well my past haunts me everyday, Will our fresh start in London help me forget? or will it be worst?


3. Weird

Alex POV

i cant believe i was raped... i Need to get out of this place, hell this country as soon as i can. i need to get the memory out of my head. i also need to find Claire and make sure shes okay and tell her what happened to me. I still cant believe it! i had the police take me home and of course my home was an apartment that claire basically lived in so yes she was there passed out on the couch...


she woke up and jumped up and hugged me

"where were you?"

"Um its a long story. but are you okay? and safe?!"

"Yes whats gotten into you?"

"I'll tell you just you may want to sit down" we both sat on the couch

"Okay sitting tell me!"

"Well you know that guy Hayden right?"

"Yah he was hot"

i shook my head "Well he drugged me last night and i woke up.."i stopped and swallowed

"Alex? what did he do?!"

"When i woke up i was handcuffed to the bed naked and he r-r-raped m-m-me"

"Alex! Oh my gosh!!!how did you get back here then?!"

"Well a guy heard me screaming for help and called the front desk who called the cops and took him away so here i am, the cops drove me here though"

"Ohhh are you okay now? for the most part?"

"Umm i guess but i do know i wanna get the hell out of this town and even country!"

"I am actually agreeing with you but go get some sleep and ill look online for a place in London?"

"Yes! London! and yes ill go sleep this all off, i think im taking this a little to well to be honest"

with that i walked away and went straight to bed. i actually didn't have a dream that i remember at least but Claire might find a cute house in London!

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