To Late To Change

hello my name is Alexus Marie Ann Parker, i live with my best friend in the whole world Claire. We live in a cute beach house in London. You know how people say don't live in the past? well my past haunts me everyday, Will our fresh start in London help me forget? or will it be worst?


5. Our Flight!

*2weeks later*

Alex POV

today was the day our flight is going to take us to London!!!!!!!!! im soo excited we already packed all our stuff all we need to do is pack up all our stuff in the moving truck and have the guy get it to London for us! I just need a fresh start happily our flight is at 2p.m so we have awhile before we leave so we are sayen goodbye to everybody in good old Chicago Illinois!

*about an hour later*

Me and Claire finally finished packing up all our stuff in the truck and we left the places, i turned in my keys to the landlord and Claire just said goodbye to her mom since she still lived with them, and it was 12 so we took the long way to the airport and got there at 1 so we just went to the baggage check so we got our carry on's checked and went to a couple of the little shops to get snacks and stuff for the plane ride. I ended up with 3 magazines Chex Mix and a huge water, while Claire got 2 magazines a book and an iced tea. we put our stuff in our bags and went to the bathroom so we didn't have to on the plane, you know normal stuff to do before a plane ride and then waited at our terminal board the plane, which took forever! then finally we boarded the plane and 20minutes later we were able to take off!









Sorry for the short chapter! i have to do homework! if i have time i will add more tonight but keep reading! :) Lotta love Tori :P

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