To Late To Change

hello my name is Alexus Marie Ann Parker, i live with my best friend in the whole world Claire. We live in a cute beach house in London. You know how people say don't live in the past? well my past haunts me everyday, Will our fresh start in London help me forget? or will it be worst?


6. long and boring!

Alex POV

Me and Claire just got into our seats which were 1st class because of the landlord was rich and very giving! So basically we made a deal to buy it even though we never saw it, but hey its dirt cheep for were its located! the flight was very very long. and i couldn't even sleep because  Claire was sitting next to me snoring for half the plane ride! but soon enough the flight attendant told us we were to be lands within 30minutes and to expect minor turbulence.great.....


Time flew bye and we landed and got off the plane, and got our rental car and were off to london! at one of its most beautiful exclusive beaches! i cant wait!

"Hey claire?"


"Do you think we can get those summer romances we always dreamed of?"

"I hope so! that would be amazing but..we arnt leaving london.."

"oh yah i forgot but still!!!!"

"lets just hope"

and just like that are conversation was over and we pulled into the house and our moving truck was already there! damn that was fast! we both got out of the car and just looked at the gorgeous house in front of us, it is a 4 bedroom 5 bath house with 3 floors and beach access it was perfect!


Claire went to go pick a room and i went out back to look at the ocean and i just sat in the sand for a few minutes when i felt a presences by me and sat down next to me.....................

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