To Late To Change

hello my name is Alexus Marie Ann Parker, i live with my best friend in the whole world Claire. We live in a cute beach house in London. You know how people say don't live in the past? well my past haunts me everyday, Will our fresh start in London help me forget? or will it be worst?


1. It Starts Here

Alex POV

"Claire Are you ready for the best night ever?!"said my best friend in the whole world Claire.

"Hell Yah!"

me and Claire have been best friends since middle school and now we graduated high school and living separately in America.

i looked at what Claire was wearing and she was wearing a Hot Pink strapless dress that was a little longer than her usual short shorts, with black stilettos and a necklace that said love on it. For her hair she had loose curls that made her golden brown hair shine and looked great.

As for me i had a dark blue short dress on that fitted to my body perfectly, and i wore my black and hot pink stilettos i had silver hoop earrings on and  long silver necklace on. My hair was straightened but still had some waves to it and volume that complimented my chocolate brown hair that had blonde streaks in it.

Happy with our appearances we grabbed a purse that had our phones,money,ID's,a Credit Card, lip gloss, and pepper spray in it and we were off to the club called "Zero Gravity"

"TAXI!" Claire yelled and we got into the first one we saw.

"Where too ladies?" the man said

"321 E Western Valley please!"

We finally got to the club and it was packed but we were regulars so the guard let us in right away.



"We should go to the back room to put our stuff in"


when we back there i saw a pretty good looking guy he was blonde tall and very muscular.

"Oh sorry didn't know anybody was back here."i said

"Oh its alright, would u mind going to get a drink with me?"the man said

"Sure im Alex by the way"

"Hello Alex im Hayden well lets get drinks shall we?"

"Alright ill see u later Claire!"

Me and Hayden walked up to the bar and he got me a drink, even though im under age he dosent know that :) hehe. About 3 drinks in i felt dizzy and my vision was going away until it went black all i could see was darkness.




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