To Late To Change

hello my name is Alexus Marie Ann Parker, i live with my best friend in the whole world Claire. We live in a cute beach house in London. You know how people say don't live in the past? well my past haunts me everyday, Will our fresh start in London help me forget? or will it be worst?


2. Get Off Of Me!

i Woke up to a weird feeling inside me along with grunting noises. i opened my eyes to see my hands and feet were handcuffed to a bed all spread out and someone on top of me, i quickly realized what was happening.

i was naked, he was naked, and he was thrusting into me, and i started to squirm but he just went in faster more forcefully and it hurt really bad.

"STOP IT!!!! GET OFF OF ME!!!"i screamed at the top of my lungs realizing i was in a hotel room, a nice hotel.

"Shut the fuck up bitch!" he said to me, when it hit me he was hayden

"I SAID GET OFF OF ME!!! RAPE RAPE!!!!!" i screamed again. 

he suddenly stopped and i felt him empty into me, shit.


he finally stopped pulling out of me

"If you tell anyone about this i will come back and rape u then kill you, got it?" hayden said


"I told you if you tell anybody i will kill you!"

"HELP SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!! HELP!" i screamed as loud as i could this time hoppong someone will help me.


Harry POV

it was about 10a.m and i was eating in my hotel room and i kept hearing someone scream fro help and i thought i was crazy then i heard someone yell rape and that's when i freaked out i called the front desk to tell them and they were sending people up to my floor to check on everyone. so i got out of my room and went looking myself and i was walking past doors and...

"HELP SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! HELP!"a female voice said.

i ran to the room i herd it from stood there it was room 416.

"shut up i can kill you now you know!" i herd a mans voice say.

without thinking i knocked on the door he didnt reply the i said in the girly-est voice "House keeping?"

no reply "House Keeping?"

"NO!" a man said in the same voice i herd before

then i saw guards run up and i pointed to the door and stepped back, They ran in and pulled out a guy in handcuffs and i hid my face from him.

"Excuse me sir?" a woman in police uniform asked.


"Were you the one who called?"

"Yes i was"

"That was very good for you to do,and luckily u herd screaming otherwise who knows what could have happened"

"Do u mind if i actually meet who i saved?"

"Well i guess but if she tells you to leave u must do so and whats your name?"

"Harry and Okay"

with that i followed the woman into the room were this girl sat down wrapped in a blanket with tear stains on her cheeks.

"Miss Parker, This is harry he is the one who called us when he heard screams for help"

"y-y-you saved me? the girl said.

"Okay I'll let you too talk" the police woman said

"Okay, and yes i called them but i wouldn't really say i saved you..."

"No, if it weren't for you i may have been dead"

"But your not so that's all that matters, and im harry by the way and you are?"

"My name is Alex and thank you for getting that man away from me"

"Your welcome, and well i should be going so i guess goodbye"

"Goodbye Harry


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