Falling for you again

This is a story about a girl name Isabell martinez and her boyfriend and friends.


2. Being home

* Harry's P.O.V*  I heard Isabell call for Niall but he was checking on Christian who was her boyfriend. I went remewent into her room to see what she needed. I asked " What do you need hun ?" She looked at me confused, " Who are you?" she asked. " I'm Harry, don't you remember me?" She shock her head no I was sad. I told  Bella what happened with the car accident and everything before that she still didn't remember. When she heard about Chris, she said she never had a boyfriend before this is bad.

* 2 months later* * Chris' P.O.V* I've been home with Isabell for 2 months now and she doesn't remember me still. I am starting to lose faith that she'll remember me. Issy remembers Niall but hes been friends with her forever. I hope she remembers soon. Just in case she doesn't, I have been going out and getting dates. The boys come over all the time to see if she will remember. It;s been four months now and Issy still doesn't remember me. I wanted to break up with her. she agreed. When we did we decided to split the money we had. With my half of the money I got married to the girl I've been seeing for the past month. As soon as the boys found out what happened they stopped talking to me, I didn't care one bit.

*Louis P.O.V* When i heard what Christian was doing I was mad. I  wanted to rip his head off, he had been dating Bella for three years. I went up to Bella's room to see how she was doing after being broke up with and kicked out. Bella moved in with me and  the boys  four days ago. Poor thing I mean even though she is stating to get her memory back this morning. I was the second one she remembered after Niall as you know. It was now lunch and Bell asked if she could talk to me, i took her to my room and then she asked "so on June 8th i was in a car accident with my ex?" i nodded. i was glad to be alone with Bella because i have a little crush on her anyway. I put arm around her when my door opened. It was Liam asking if wanted anything to drink, we said no. by the time I closed my door Bell was crying, I walked over and sat down next to her an held her in my arms, we stayed like this for awhile. I wiped away the tears  on her cheaks. She said "thanks" and kissed my cheak  I blushed which made her blush too. She went to her room to take a shower.


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