Falling for you again

This is a story about a girl name Isabell martinez and her boyfriend and friends.


1. The crash

Hi my name is Isabell, well thats what i've been told. I am in a hospital i do believe, why i don't know. When I move it hurts alot,my left arm and leg are in casts. i can only remember little of my past. I look at my hands nothing seems to be wrong but of my right hand there is a lovely ring, but why? *Minutes later* I have been sleeping for who know how long until, I was awakened by the door to my room opening and in came five guys. I don't know if I knew them or not. One of the boys sees me awake and starts to yell  my name and run over to me. later the other boys join him and give me a group hug without hurting me luckily. I started to recognize one of them, and it was my best friend Niall. The only reason I could tell him apart from the others is because of his Irish accent that I loved. The other four boys had british accent like everyone else around here. * Niall's POV* When I got a call from the hospital I was scared because i was told two of my best mates got into a car accident. I first when to check an Isabell cause it was her side of the car that got hit. The boys and me walked into her room I din't know if she was awake or not. When i saw her eyes open I ran over to her. I don't know what i would do if she died. Soon the boys came over and we had a group hug. She looked at the others very shyly. I hoped she didn't forget us. Once she looked at me I said " Hey love." She looked at me weirdly, I got a sad frown on my face. I thought to myself she forgot us. later on she was calling " Nialler...Nialler!"

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