best friends with the boy from doncaster (finished )

when Lauren moves to London from don caster. when she is invited to a party to be one of the opening acts she ends up meeting her nest friend Louis tomlinson and they reconnect but this isn't like a normal 1d love story where she falls in love with her best friend she will be falling in love just not with the boy from don caster


27. the end ....... or is it

i woke up feeling harry chest going up and down . i got out of bed and changed into lulu lemon tights and a printed jumper. i brushed my teeth and washed my face.

i looked at my phone a saw 2 missed text from niall and 5 missed calls.

text message:

from:Irish cutie;)

babe im really sorry please just one more chance i love you  :'(

please answer me i love i promise it was a mistake please :(

my phone started buzzing


N:hey listen Lauren please just meet me for coffee please please

l:yeah i will meet me in 20 minutes

n:thank you i will meet you i love you

i didn't say it back but just hung up. i went to harry who was texting " harry can you come with me im kinda scared to walk to Starbucks by my self"

he nodded and took me to Starbucks i saw niall

"harry i need you to stay okay it wont take long "

i said looking into his eyes

"okay love"he said

we walked in.

and sat down " Lauren listen i am so sorry you have to believe me i didn't mean for it to happen okay please"

"niall i was getting raped while you were banging some chick i let it go the thousands of time you did it but im done of being hurt all the time niall " i said tears building in my eyes

" are you breaking up with me " he said tears threatening to spill out of his eyes

i nodded and stood up from my seat and said to him

" bye niall" and left without looking back

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