best friends with the boy from doncaster (finished )

when Lauren moves to London from don caster. when she is invited to a party to be one of the opening acts she ends up meeting her nest friend Louis tomlinson and they reconnect but this isn't like a normal 1d love story where she falls in love with her best friend she will be falling in love just not with the boy from don caster


13. some serouis shit part 2

i took a nap cause i was exhausted and when i woke up it was already 7:00.

so i dragged myself out of bed and went to take a shower.

when i stepped out i wrapped a towel around my body and walked into my room.

i turned on some music and started to get ready.

i decided to wear a dress that was one shoulder it was tight and white on the top and then flowed down to my mid thigh and it was black.

i paired it with black heels and a sparkly clutch.

for jewelry i put on a couple pairs of cute bracelets and a pair of stud earrings. i looked at the clock and read 7 :30

i still had time , for hair and makeup i put on a champagne colored eyeshadow then eyeliner mascara and clear gloss.

when i looked at the time it was 7:45 i still had to do my hair. all i did was spray some beach waves in it then let it fall down my back. when i sprayed perfume the door bell rang.(outfit in the link

i grabbed my clutch and phone and walked to the door.

when i opened it there stood a very handsome niall.

i looked at his eyes they were staring at me.

"hello beautiful you are looking very beautiful like always ready to go"

i smiled then nodded.

when we were in the elevator he wrapped his arm around my waist and i felt a spark.

i smiled at him.

when we walked to the car he started it and we started to drive.

when we parked at Danielle i turned to look at him

"niall can i tell you something"

he grabbed my hand and nodded.

"i don't drink alcohol is that ok"

he smiled and cupped my with his hand

"of course love its your choice i will accept it no matter what"

i smiled i hugged him and whispered thank you in his ear.

when we walked into the party we were greeted by Danielle and her friend Eleanor.

when we walked in i saw a very drunk louis making out with his slut.

i walked to go get a bottle of water and when i turned around i saw niall with a beer botle in his hand

"hey babe whats up " i said trying to make conversation.

"nothing just chilling wanna dance"

i nodded and he grabbed my and led me to the dance floor.

we were grinding against each other, some times he would give me kisses. when we were tired i told him i was going to the wash room and he nodded.

it took me to find the rest room cause her place was really big when i opened a another door i could not believed what i saw it was taht slut kissing niall. i knew it wasnt his fault cause he was mind against the wall and his eyes were wide and he was squirming alot.

i walked up to her and pulled her off of niall "bitch you best back off before i hit you so hard your eyeballs willbe bleeding.

instead she slapped me in the face . then i slapped her back and she went all rage on me and decided to climb ontop of me and start hitting me then she pulled my hair.

when i had a chance i flipped her over and started to hit her then i stopped and pulled away. i opened my mouth to talk but then i heard a familiar voice.

"lauren what the hell are you doing why would you hit her!!!!!"

i turned around to find louis looking at me

"the slut tried to seduce my boyfriend dont tell me that im supposed to let her do that" tears were screaming to roll down my face.

"i dont care leave now " i sat there in silence i thought  he was my best friend

"LEAVE NOW" it made me jump out of my thoughts.

i looked over at niall he pointed to the door and i nodded

"lou when your ready to be my best friend call me because i will be there for you no matter what with out judging but i don't know when you will be there for me "

i looked down and walked out niall coming up behind me .

when we were in the car niall didnt start the engine " are you alright love" wiping a tear off my face with his thumb

i started to cry in his shoulder.

he just sat there and held me "shhh its gonna be ok "

i smiled and thanked him he pushed his lips to mine i kissed back till his tongue slipped into my mouth

"niall how many drinks did you have tonight"

"i had like 1 cause i didn't want to be drunk when i take you home"

he said shyly aw he is so cute.

"ok i just want to make sure cause i don't want us to get into a car accident "

i smiled and pecked his lips and then he started to drive. after a minute or 2 i found my self in a dreamless sleep.

it felt like i slept forever but when i awoke i was in the arms of a niall and i was in a big t shirt.

i smiled and went to go make breakfast.

when i heard my phone ring. when i looekd at the caller I.D it was lou.



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