best friends with the boy from doncaster (finished )

when Lauren moves to London from don caster. when she is invited to a party to be one of the opening acts she ends up meeting her nest friend Louis tomlinson and they reconnect but this isn't like a normal 1d love story where she falls in love with her best friend she will be falling in love just not with the boy from don caster


4. shopping with niall

i woke up in somebody's arms but i couldn't tell who when i looked over

i saw the blonde Irish boy. how did i get here maybe he carried me oh well.

i kinda liked the warmth that Niall gave me i looked over at the clock that he had on his night stand


i tried shoving Niall awake but he wouldn't budge.

i looked down at Niall's lips i could give it a try.

i  placed my lips on his and soon enough his eyes fluttered open and a smile appeared on his face.

before i could move he secured his arms around me so i couldn't move.

to get more comfortable i rolled on top of him his lips met mine halfway and we moved in sync

. i eventually pulled away.

"Niall its almost 9:30 do wanna do something today"

he nodded and then said "that's a great idea im going to take you on a date but first lets go to the mall"

i nodded and changed into my dress again.

"Niall could you drop me home so i can get ready"

he nodded and we walked out  the door .

i showed him directions to my flat and when he pulled up i invited him in.

when we in the elevator waiting to get to my floor he gave me the biggest horan hug he could give and i hugged back. i loved his hugs.

we stayed like that till the elevator door opened and he let go and decided to hold my hand.

when i opened the front door of my apartment i told Niall to  get comfortable.

today was cold in London wait what day wasn't but any who i took a quick shower and when i came out i wrapped the towel around my body. i walked into my room.

i threw on a pair of tights and a off the shoulder nit sweater. for hair i put in my beach waves and let it air dry.

i sprayed on my Taylor swift perfume . for makeup i put on some concealer mascara and some lips gloss.

i grabbed my Michel kors bag ,phone.and a pair of knee high riding boots.

"Niall are you ready" i looked up at him he had a piece of pizza in his hand i started to laugh

"oh Niall what am i gonna  do with you?" he just smiled and finished off and we headed out.

i got a call from Louis 

"hello Louis how may i help you this fine morning."

"where did you go i cant find you or Niall"

i laughed but then answered

"we got up so he could take me home to get ready cause we are going to the mall"

"ok well have fun next time don't just leave tell me ok i was worrying"

i smiled " ok Louis im sorry "

we said good bye then hung up

after a while of driving we finally reached the mall  Niall got and helped me out which i didn't really need but it was nice of him.

we walked hand in hand into the mall.

"Niall could we go into top shop" he nodded and we headed in.

i found the cutest dress ( .

i went up to the cash and waited for her to ring up to 120 pounds i pulled out my wallet but then Niall started to cause a fit because he wanted to pay but i told him he can buy food and he agreed.

once i was done we walked to the food  court still holding hands.

"um Niall what do you wanna eat "

he didn't say anything he just led me to a burrito place .

when we got our food  and ate.

"Niall i think i have every thing lets go "

he nodded .when we pulled up to a place that didn't look familiar "where are we Niall?"

"my flat" he replied i nodded and we headed in . when he opened the door there was a girl that had blonde hair lots of makeup on her face and she was really skinny it looked scary actually .



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