best friends with the boy from doncaster (finished )

when Lauren moves to London from don caster. when she is invited to a party to be one of the opening acts she ends up meeting her nest friend Louis tomlinson and they reconnect but this isn't like a normal 1d love story where she falls in love with her best friend she will be falling in love just not with the boy from don caster


26. scared

when i woke up there was blood every where and the room was empty i was scared i saw the door and i ran to the door still scared i went to the only place i could think of my boyfriends apartment .

i walked for what seemeed like hours when finally i reached his door

i knocked on the door when i opened it i saw a girl

" um i-is n-nial here " i said studdering being afraid that someone was going to attck me


" whos at the door babe " i heard the fimiliar irish accent coming up kissing the girl on the cheek

"oh um lauren what happened " he asked sounding worried

" u-um i-i your b-busy i'll c-come b-back l-later " i walked away with tears in my eye

i walked out to the next place i would know harrys apartment

when i knock on the door lightly soon it opened and there stood a worried harry.

" whats happened to you love come in" i walked in when he put his hand on me i flinched

then he pulled away

" tell me what happened love i want to help you " he siad

" well.....-

i started and told him the story

" and then i caught niall cheating on me when i went to his flat " i finished

" im so sorry this happened to you love you should have called if you were feeling alone i dont care what time or what place call me and i will come " he siad

i nodded

" can you take me home " i said  he nodded and drove me home

when i got home i walked in and he followed me

" you dont have to come" i siad quietly

" no i awill just wait in the bed room just in case okay" i nodded and went to go take a shower

when i got out i put on a big jack wills hoodie that harry bought me and a pair of sweat pants.

when i came out i tied up my hair and went into bed snuggling in the covers

i closed my eyes feeling harry's eyes on me

he kissed my forhead and and got up of my bed

" harry can you stay " i whispered  he didnt say anything he just laid down with me


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