best friends with the boy from doncaster (finished )

when Lauren moves to London from don caster. when she is invited to a party to be one of the opening acts she ends up meeting her nest friend Louis tomlinson and they reconnect but this isn't like a normal 1d love story where she falls in love with her best friend she will be falling in love just not with the boy from don caster


10. let me explain part2

"hey Louis can we come in" he nodded and dragged us in.

niall sat down and pulled me on his lap still holding my hand.

"so Louis why did you look so angry did something happen"

he just looked at me and niall.

"well lets see my two best mates are dating and didn't even bother telling me how do you think i feel a bit out of your world" he said i couldn't tell if he was mad sad angry there was no emotion on his face.

it was silent for a while till Louis started to talk again

"well im happy  for you to but niall if you hurt her i will have to kill you"

he nodded and said a small thank you.

i got up from Niall lap and walked up to Louis.

i gave him a big hug

i whispered in his ear"thanks Lou i love you"

"i love you to im just happy you found someone better than Cole" i chuckled alittle

i think niall heard cause he stood " is that who was at your apartment last night'

i nodded and went to hug niall " don't worry i have my little leprechaun to protect me"

he ;aughed and gave me a peck on the lips i smiled and i heard louis making kissy noses and sawing awwww.




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