best friends with the boy from doncaster (finished )

when Lauren moves to London from don caster. when she is invited to a party to be one of the opening acts she ends up meeting her nest friend Louis tomlinson and they reconnect but this isn't like a normal 1d love story where she falls in love with her best friend she will be falling in love just not with the boy from don caster


16. its not your fault

when my eyes fluttered open i looked around to find a room and a blonde irish boy sleeping in the uncomfortably looking chair.

"niall" i said in a small voice trying not to cry

he didnt budge "niall i said a little louder

his eyes fluttered open and when he saw me he smiled wide.

he rushed over to me and gave me a big hug.

"niall why am i in the hospital " i asked in a whisper.

he wiped his tears "because you drank to much and had alcohol poisoning"

"im so dumb i was upset because of what you did and i just grabbed the bottle i should have just left oh my god i broke my promise. i mumbled the last part.

he hugged me again and i could hear him crying "im so sorry i was so drunk and i made such a bad mistake i didnt even relize what i was doing till i was naked im so sorry please it will never happen please im so sorry i love you so much"

"niall we will talk about it when we get home ok do you know when i can go home" i asked he left to go talk to the nurse and then came back " you can leave when ever you want beautiful" he kissed my cheek and went to sign some papers.

when we got out of the hospitle niall drove me home.

whe niall pulled up to my flat i turned to look at him.

"i have a volleyball game tonight so if you wanna come u can. lets go to my flat and ill make some food ok " he nodded and grabbed my hand .

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