best friends with the boy from doncaster (finished )

when Lauren moves to London from don caster. when she is invited to a party to be one of the opening acts she ends up meeting her nest friend Louis tomlinson and they reconnect but this isn't like a normal 1d love story where she falls in love with her best friend she will be falling in love just not with the boy from don caster


19. drunken mistakes

when harry stopped in front of my flat i got out and invited him in.

"harry im going to change you can just get comfortable "

he nodded and i went in to my room i took all my clothes off and put on a pair of roots sweat and a vneck tshirt. i tied up my hir nd took off my makeup. when i went back nto the living room i fund harry sitting there watching tv.

when he sw me he asked if i wanted to tlk about it . i nodded and he patted the seat beside him.

"ok tell me wht happened " he said.

i started off by tellinf him bout when i left him to go find niall i found him snogging his friend ali.i had started crying and he just held me .

we dexided to watch movies in the middle of our movie there was a knock on the door i went to go open it . when i saw who it was i opened the door to find niall."what do you want niall" i spat he looked shocked "i came to see my girlfriend " he said calmly


"you mean ex girlfriend i saw u snogging ali i let it go last time but i dont think i am going to this time "

"let me explain you dont know the story" he said 

"fine you have 5 minutes " i said  quietly"ali saw her ex and he saw us than came over to us he asked who i was and she said i was her boyfriend and he didnt believe her so she had to prove it . fhen she grabbed me and i went along with it so he would leave her alone."

"niall i-" before i could finish harry came to the door

" lexi who is it " he said

"what is he doing here ?" niall said sounding angry.

"he drove me home cause i was upset about the whole situation "

niall didnt reply but he pushed passed me and shoved harry against the wall.

"i thought you were my friend but you go after my girlfriend" he said being agressive.

"niall stop now " he looked at me and let go

"i think you should leave niall ill talk to you later" he looked sad that i was asking him to leave.

"fine do what you want i dont want a girlfriend thats a slut "

ouch that hurt i could feel tears froming in my eyes again.

he stormed out and i ran to my room and slammed the door.

when i was int he covers i couldn't stop crying.

soon harry came in and leaned on the door frame.

"are you alright love" he asked.

i nodded and aother tear fell down my face.

he pushed off the door and walked up to me and sat on the edge of my bed

"do you think im a slut " i asked harry

he looked at me "no i think you are the last thing from a slut" he smiled and we both giggled.

he got into the blankets with me and held me

when i woke up the next morning i felt someone breathing on my neck.

i turned around and saw harry.  i got out of his grasp and checked my phone i got a message from niall saying that he wanted me to meet him at starbucks near my flat.

i replied that i would and i went to take a shower,

when i got out i put on my outfit that consisted of a pair of tights , black cami, and grey blazer.

i applied some mascara and did my hair in a sock bun.i put on some bow earrings. i grabbed my phone and my marc jacobs wallet.

i left a note for harry and i put my converse on and went  out of the.

when i walked into star bucks i saw niall.

i ordered a caramel frappachinao and went to go sit at the table where niall was seated.

when i looked at him his eyes were puffy and red he looked like he had been crying. he wasnt smiling like he usually was and he wasnt even drinking his drink he was just playing with the straw.

"niall did you really mean what you said about me being a slut" i asked him

"no im so sorry i was just angry i didnt mean it im sorry please forgive me if i could take back everything from last niaght i would i should have stayed with you but i only went along with it case i saw harry and you kiss and i should have asked you about it instead of doing something that wasnt a good choice"he said.

i smiled  " niall harry kissed me then i spushed him off and asked why he did that and he told me that he kinda liked me he even apolozied that he kissed me i excused my self to go tell you what happened but then i saw you snogging and harry took me home and we were going to watch a movie." i said taking a sip.of my drink

"so i guess were even " i said trying to reason with him.

he smiled and there i saw that the niall i new was back . he leaned over the table and gave me a long kiss on the lips.

"niall what if she likes you " i said kinda scared to know the answer

"i dont think she does"

"niall did you see the way she looked at you believe me i went through it with louis "

"ill ask her tomorrow " i nodded and we finished our drinks


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