best friends with the boy from doncaster (finished )

when Lauren moves to London from don caster. when she is invited to a party to be one of the opening acts she ends up meeting her nest friend Louis tomlinson and they reconnect but this isn't like a normal 1d love story where she falls in love with her best friend she will be falling in love just not with the boy from don caster


14. best friends forever

when i answered i heard sniffilin on the other line.

"hello"i answered in a whisper

"lauren i am so sorry i should have beleive me i found lexi making out with another guy please forgiv eme im so sorry"

i shghed heavily and answered "its alright louis i know that you probaly were in love but just with the wrong person i forgive you"

"i love you lauren i will never let anything get between us i promise"

i smiled "i know lou i love you too i got to go im going to make niall breackfast ill talk to you later"

he said ok and hungup.

and then i started making niall his favourite breakfast.

when he strolled out of my room he was rubbing his eyes and yawning.

"abe i made you breackfast want some"

he nodded and sat down while i brought him a plate.

he thanked me and i nodded

."niall im goign to get ready wanna go shopping cause i got to go to a gig tonight"

he nodded and went back to his eating.

i headed to the shower and shaved my legs.

when i got out i went into my room and put on my oufit.

which consisted of a pair of black jeans , a cute blouse and a blazer. since it was cold here in london i put on some uggs then for hair and make up i let my hair go wavy then i put some brown eyeshadow on my lid then some mascara.

when i was done i grabbed my grey channel cross body bag and sprayed some prefume and walked out to where a freshed up .

"hey beautiful ready to go"

i nodded and he grabbed my hand and led me to the eleavator.

when we were in the elavator niall pulled me in for a hug.

"niall whats going to happen when you go on tour "

"what do you mean beautiful"

"i mean like what if you fine someone better and prettier and makes you happier and you forget about me"

his face dropped from his smile to a frown

"i cant find someone better and you are the most beautiful thing i can see in my life and no one can make me happier then i already am and i could never forget about the thing that is my whole life so dont worry ok"

i nodded and kissed him and he kissed back we stayed like for awhile but then we pulled away for air.

i smiled at him and we started to drive.

when we got to the small boutiques we looked around.

i found a couple things not many but it will do good for know.

we walked for abit more and found a little restaurant .

when we walked in a waiteress led us to a table.

"what may i get you cutie' she winked asking niall.

was she really trying to flirt with niall while i was sitting right there.

"um i will get the number three combo with a coke " he said blankly

she nodded nd turned to me " and what do you want"

wow rude " um i would like a ice tea with a number 3 combo as well" she nodded and turned back to niall.

"ok ill be right back with you order cutie" she winked again .

"niall im going to the wash room ok"

he nodded when i got up i started to walk but niall tugged my arm lightly.

"are you ok beautiful you look sad" he looked worried

"im alright babe dont worry " i pecked his lips and walked to the wash room when i opened the door i saw the waitress sitting on the counter

she was smirking  i looked at her hand there was a knife in it

she jumped off the counter and grabbed me and put the knife to my neck.

"listein bitch when i want something i get it and i want niall and i dont care what is in my way i can make them disapear so back off niall is mine"

wow she was rude. she let go off me and told me to get out.

when i saw niall i tryed not to cry.

"niall can we go please im not feeling good" he nodded

when we climbed into the car nill turned to me.

"lauren babe tell me whats wrong"

i started to cry in his shoulder when i was able to talk i told him the story about how the waitress threatened me.

he just held me  "its going to be ok i would never choose her over you because she wont make me as happy as you make me ok dont worry about them" i nodded and looked at my phone it was already 7:00

"um niall i need to get home to get ready cause i have a gig i have to do tonight" he nodded and drove me home

when we walked into my apartment there sat all the boys how did they get in.

"hey guys how did you guys get into my flat" they smiled and louis answered

"well i had the front desk give me one cause i told them i was your best friend"

i smiled at the word best friend  i shrugged

"ok i have to go get ready for my gig thing so you guys make your self at home"

they nodded and i walked off. i took quick shower

i got out and layed out my outfit.

which consisted of a black pencil skirt that stopped in mid thigh and then a long sleeve black lace shirt.

for heals i put on a pair of black heels.i put on bow studs, a braclet with my channel grey cross body bag.(

for beauty i put on some mascara and lipgloss.

i let my hair be curly and sprayed some perfume.

i grabbed my phone and walked out

"guys im ready are u -" i looked up and all the boys were with  wide eyes.

"what why are you guys staring at me"

"im sorry niall but your girlfriend is fucking sexy " harry said very seductively i smiled and looked at niall who was giving harry a death glare.

then louis  jumped up and hugged me "sorry harry and niall but this is my fucking sexy best friend" i started to chuckle but then niall came and pushed louis off me "guys shutup she mine and lauren can i talk to you" i nodded and  he took me to his room .

"what did you want to talk about" i asked him he just pushed his lips on to mine. his hands moved to my waist and he pushed our 2 bodies togeather. my arms snaked there way around his neck

he started to kiss my neck and his hand were roaming my body . when he tried to pull off my clothes i stuopped him "niall slow down we have to go before i dont have a job anymore" he nodded " ok sorry lets go " we walked out and there were three girls in my apartment with the boys muct be their dates.


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