best friends with the boy from doncaster (finished )

when Lauren moves to London from don caster. when she is invited to a party to be one of the opening acts she ends up meeting her nest friend Louis tomlinson and they reconnect but this isn't like a normal 1d love story where she falls in love with her best friend she will be falling in love just not with the boy from don caster


24. alone

i woke up turning over to find an empty spot where nialls body should be laid. i felt like breacking down and crying because he left me i felt something that i hadnt felt in years the feeling of being


i got up and took a shower sitting there letting the hot water trickle down my body.

when i got out i picked out a casual out fit which consisted of leggings a roots sweater top and some moccasins. i tied my hair in a pony tail and aplied some mascara and lips balm.

i grabbed my phone and went to the living room.

there was a note there saying that niall and the other lads had some rehearsals to do and they had a concert each week of the night so niall was staying at his own flat

when i read the last part about niall staying at his own flat i was kinda sad because the whole time niall would stay here with me at my flat. i decided i was going to do some christmas shopping cause the holidays were coming up soon. i wonder what i would do when all the boys were off with their families and i was alone im my flat.

i quicly grabbed my phone and wallet and went off to the mall.

when i walked into the mall i  looked around for nialls gift first. i looked at acouple of diffremnt stores till i found nialls first gift it was a new pair of supras. the next thing i wanted to get him was a new snapback i think he always looked cute in them. i got acouple more things like a gift card to nandos and ipod 5 with an  itunes gift card. now for louis i got him new toms a itunes gift cards also i got him an ipad mini . for harry i got him a new jack wills sweater in purple and orange also i got him an new mac book cause he needs a new one. for zayn i got him a bunch of new hair products a mirror and also a new leather jaket with a ipad. for liam i got him a pair of beats and a new ipod as well. now for eleanour i got her a straightner and a curling iron. also a topshop gift card and a really cute pair pf jimmy choos. for danielle i got her  a sephora gift card and a curling ironwith uggs


i was offically done shopping for christmas.

i went home and wrapped it all hiding it in my bath room cupboard.

i looked at my my phone and saw a text from niall saying that he wasnt going to see me this week cause the boys were booked with concerts sigings meet and greets interveiws and other stuff. i texted to see if the girls wanted to hang out but nody was able to.

i decided to go on a run i changed into my running clothes and grabbed my phone and ear phones


i ran but it was getting dark so i headed back i was about 5 minutes away from my house till somebody grabbed me and then everything went black.

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