Eight teenagers with powers have to suvive on their own if they want to save the ones they love. What is it that the OTHERS want form them? Is it something worth the people they love? everything cost but what would freedom cost them?


2. Home For Now

 “What the hell was that?” Jake wanting to know just what I thought I was doing, bursting out of anger like that. “You could have been killed or worst more black and blue than you are” I look at the bruising I got from being pulled at. The bruising covered my face, legs and arms. I was basically cover in bruises and looked like I come out from a boxing match, by the look everyone gave me.

“Well, someone had to do something” I snapped at them, I wasn’t angry at them and they knew it, but Jessica gave me a hurt look.

“We’re just worried about you, you looked like you were ready to kill the man” Rose said, sounding more upset then everyone else.

“Maybe I should have” I said and added when Jessica shot me are-you-crazy look “you saw what he said and did to Kelly, what if she was your best friend?” I gave up seeing how upset I was becoming, remembering whose fault it was.

“So, what do we do now that we escaped from their claws of hell” Nathan said quoting the line from his favourite book. I notice he did this trying to keep us from fighting. I look up at John and realised I should be angry at him, if at anyone.

“When were you going to tell us you were one of us, John?” I asked. He gave me an accusing look.

“And when were you going to tell me you were one?” He look around, searching for someone who will answer him.

“We couldn’t, we didn’t know if you were one” Jake shot back. He looked tired.

“I tried to give you cluse, like winning the basketball in game and when you showed that you didn’t notice I was using my powers I figured you weren’t like me” John, I could tell was telling the truth and felt immediately sorry I asked.

“You! You didn’t! I could have won that game” Clay said unable to stop his look of surprise. John just shrugged, thinking nothing of it.

“Well, I am sorry to say who won the basketball is the least of our problems at the moment. We still don’t have a plan.” Jake said looking panicked for some reason. Yeah, we are being hunted, but Jake never gets panicked.

“We can go to our hid out and get ready to help those kids escape” I say looking back through the trees where the kids including my sister were being held hostage. “Or we can sit here and watch them shot them for information about our where bouts and which of cause no one knows, but us”

“Let’s vote” Jace suggested. “To go back and get weapons and fight” I look around. Clay and John dint put up their hands, the rest of us Nathan, Jessica, Jake, Rose, Jace and I were all on agreement to help the kids.

“Ok, we’re going back to the hideout” I let out my breath I forgot I was holding, I knew I wouldn’t be out voted, but I couldn’t help but doubt everything that happens. “This way then, if we want to make it there before it gets to dark” I pointed in the opposite direction of the school is.


“How much further is it? I think I might die from the heat, seresly guys. I think we should stop and rest” John moans.

“We could have been there twenty minutes ago, but no we had to stop because Clay said he really broken his angle for the third time, which of cause was a lie” Rose says tied of his completes already and we were only half way there, I think.

“Hay, I think I might have broken it again” Clay says jokingly, he could see how much this got on everyone’s nerves and loved it.

“Why can’t we transport our self’s to ‘our hide out’?” John asks complaining again. He was in front of me, which meant that I hear all his complaints for the last hour. I have blisters on my feet where the boots are rubbing. My hands bloody from grass cuts, I was so thrusts it wasn’t funny.

“John, why do you think?” Jessica’s voice was all most a whisper; she needed water or risk losing her voice for a few days.

“I don’t know, that’s why I asked” he clearly was annoyed by the fact she wasn’t giving him a straight answer, I wasn’t even sure why.

“We can’t keep using our powers, sometime it’s too much for us to handle, we get too weak to even move, does that answer your damn question” She sounded ready to drop to the ground, but she kept her pace.

“That’s too bad, I was hoping we all could move to Scotland, won’t even need to pay for a tick” said Clay, unable to keep his mouth shut for even a few minutes.


“We must be close now surely” I say, and not without great effort. I was so tied I couldn’t keep up with the rest of the group.

“Try looking up” says Clay, that somehow managed to get somewhere in the front of us. I look up, there it was. ‘Our hide out’ it wasn’t big but we didn’t have much to build it. The hide out was only one large building made of bamboo. It has only ten small bedrooms, which held a single bed, a tallboy and a bamboo framed mirror. Two toilets and showers, one each for girls and boys, I remember planning this out with my mum and Jessica’s parents. One large kitchen which runs on solar power panels that sit on the roof, which are very new and were only installed a month ago. And I large space in the middle of the hide out, which is where we will be eating, there’s a small fire in the middle, with bamboo benchers sited around the fire.  

We all hurry inside the building egger to lie down; Jessica opens the bamboo doors and opens them wide for us. We stand in the doorway for a while and take it all in. It looks deferent; the floors are covered in carpet. There’s a pile of white thick quilts, blanket and next to that there’s a pile of clothes labelled with our names on the bench of the kitchen which Jessica now stood at.

“Who did this?” I ask, I to surprise to say anything else.

“Mum thought it would be a good idea and I’m glad we did” Jessica says sounding pleased. I turn to her, and give her a hug.

“You didn’t have to do this you know. Thank you so much” I say letting go. She gives me her it-was-nothing smile. Like always Jessica was the one getting things ready and organising it all.

 “Did you get any food?” Clay asks about to walk into the kitchen, but is stopped by Jessica’s out stretched arm. She drops her arm she points to Clays mud casketed shoes. “Alright, but we have to eat what I choose” Clay waits for Jessica’s answer that he knows he won’t get, he gives up and we all take off our mudded shoes and socks; as we walk into the room I rub my feet on the soft carpet. Walking into the large kitchen I notice it’s was all black and white cabinets, a big from the bamboo ones.

“Well look at that; want we be eating healthy?” Clay mumbled his head stuck in the open door of the fridge.

“I see you had no trouble locating the food, Clay” John says laughing. He looked tied like all of us, but I know it wasn’t from the walk; it’s from restless nights and worrying that made him the way he is, tied and so rarely made jokes.

“Yeah? Well, someone has to make something to eat after we all have a shower” Clay says and looks around to us “there is a shower right?” he says, looking just about as horrified as I’ve ever seen him.

“Of cause there’s a shower; two of them actually” I say, happy to see I got him worried, even for a second. It felt good to be the one to tease him for once.

Jessica picks up the bundle of clothes on the kitchen and hands them out, I rip off the label with my name and run to the second biggest room, knowing that it’s taken by Jessica. The hallway was across from the kitchen and was filled with doors leading to bedrooms. I picked the one on the right in between two other bedrooms.

 The room, I notice is almost like my old bedroom; the bed is covered in a thick blue blanket,  the walls a shiny gold, which I like, and beside the door is a large mirror, framed in bamboo. The window is small and is cover with blinds; filling the room with stripes.  I place a black shirt and jeans aside, putting the rest of my clothes and spear quilts in the draws of the bamboo drawer. I take off my backpack and empty my stuff out on the bed, closing the door I put my photos in the safe, along with my family ring and an envelope; thick of inked papers. Locking the safe I turn and stretch out on the bed. The room even smelt like my room, even the sound of the showers running sounded familiar.

The raping on the door jolted me awake; the light hurt my eyes and made them blurry. I look around for my clothes; I found them on the feet of the bed and grab them. Before I head to the shower I pull out my brush from the backpack. The door locks behind me, the shower is at the end of the hallway; both showers are.  

As I step into the bathroom I couldn’t believe it; all of it is made of white marble. How had Jessica gotten her hands on this? I run my fingers over it and feel the smooth surface of the marble; the marble is beautiful. I continue the rest of the way into the bathroom and stare at the walls, floor, siling; I stare at it all. After I capture myself I lock the bathroom door behind me.


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