Eight teenagers with powers have to suvive on their own if they want to save the ones they love. What is it that the OTHERS want form them? Is it something worth the people they love? everything cost but what would freedom cost them?


1. Another Other

Don’t look too closely at them. Say nothing. And for goodness sake don’t give up fighting. I look at the long line of people lined up on our school oval. The school had over a thousand kids, all of them afraid. And they should be, and so should I; but I wasn’t, not by long shot. I knew what they are, but they didn’t know that and no one else did, only six others knew.

Katelyn squeezed my hand; I knew what she was thinking. We’re dead. I shook my head; no we’re not. But I knew my eyes had given it away, I could only in sure safety of myself and others like me. Although I had no way of telling what would happen.

The leader held a clip board; I knew what was on it. I was just hoping my name wasn’t on it. He started to call out names, most would think it was called out at random; but I knew better.
But he wasn’t one of them, John was human. He wasn’t like us. Now they thought he was; they were going to kill him. The list kept going on.
No, they know who I am. How did they know?
The list stoped. What about my sister? I can’t leave her here by herself. I look down to her, she looked beyond scared now. Her baby blue eyes focus only on my face. She knew what was going to happen. I wanted to stop her tears from falling, I wanted to hug her and tell her it will be alright. I knew what would happen if I did, and I couldn’t risk it.

Nathan, Jessica, Clay, John, Jake, Rose, Jace and I take six steps towards the guards lined up across from us. We all knew what to do. What we had to do. We all stood in a line, together we could do this. We only pratis this once and it didn’t exactly work. We all had to hold hands, but we couldn’t do this because they moved us apart.

 A man stood in front of me his gun pointed at my head. A shout came from the line behind me. I turn to see who had made that mistake and realised who it was. Kelly was two steps out of line. She was looking straight at me. Why would she make such a stupid mistake? The next thing I knew there was a gun shot, Kelly was no longer standing, she was crumbled at her sisters feet. I look away no long wanting to see what I had caused.

“Stupid girl” The man standing in front of me said. He was the one who shot her. The anger just rushed at me. I run at the man and pushed him over, falling on top of him I slamming my fist into his nose making it bled. I got at least two more punches at him before I was knocked off him. Two more man grabbed at me, I kicked at them blindly and felt my boots land smack bang in the middle of the man’s face. I stopped realising this would be the best time to disappear.

 I look at the astonish faces of Nathan, Jessica, Clay, John, Jake, Rose and Jace; I guess the fighting classes have paid off. The man held me so tight I couldn’t feel my arms. I looked around looking for the man I kicked in the face. Sure enough there he was in front of me ready to punish me, but stopped by his mate. Looking at his face I could see that I left a purple boot mark on his face. I smile at him, his face holding his anger like fire, hot and ready to burn anyone who tied to stop him from punishing me. Just as he is about to, I disappear into black smoke; I could hear him choking, and a gasp from the line of kids.

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