Enchanted Worlds

Stories are told and ideas are exchanged, those ideas grow and spread like virouses, thats what creates Enchanted Worlds. Children are the ones who know of the world once they grow thier believes and dreams change, leaving behide The Enchanted Worlds. But what happens when someone who's believes nothing of such worlds start to believe and enters that world? Paige soon finds out what the Enchanted world is and why she's so important.


1. Bridge

South air blow across the still rive blowing with it a sweet smell of salt. Close to freezing to death Snowy walked hurriedly across Milton Bridge, which was strongly built of stones. Others would have found it odd that a stone bridge was built in the middle of a city of which everything was built so stylishly and that no one seemed to actually cross the bridge and avoided it whenever possible. Many people thought of as a statue only there to impress tourist but that wasn’t why Milton Bridge was never used or never used by people, it was because of its magical use. It was a portal to a world in which was unknown to many of Australian’s and many countless countries.

As Snowy passed a young boy on a bike he hit an invisible wall and slipped through a door, leaving the young boy on the bike stunned, the boy soon snapped out of his shock and kept on pedalling down the last few meters of Milton Bridge, shaking he’s head and whispering something about watching to many movies. This was what it was like, humans dismaying the oddest things as a trick of their mind, like it wasn’t something that should be dwelled on any more than a few seconds.

After what must have been hours, a thirty year old woman passed the Milton Bridge but stopped, the woman was only a few meters to where the invisible wall was. Did she know? No. That wasn’t possible, that a human woman much like this one would believe the stories children told when over their friends house telling a story of when the once crossed a stoned bridge and was transported  into a world where the stories of werewolf’s, vampires and other magical creatures weren’t just a story, but real and alive.

Adults like the woman who now stood staring at what she could see as thin glass like snowflakes falling, couldn’t usually hear the children’s stories and when they did their story sounded different, changed in to something adults wanted to hear.

Weird. Snow never looked this fragile or this beautiful in any part of the world. The woman held out her palm expecting a snowflake to land softly on her bare skin but instead it melted to a cold drop of water like an old tear that was left to long before it was wiped away by its victim. The women looked wide eyed, almost frightened. Some stories are true. She steeped conusly forward expecting to be hit by the invisible wall that the children in her year two class believed was there, but nothing happed as she passed halfway.

To be continued. . .

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